At the moment, many believe the iOS devices reasonably secure and protected. However, sometimes third-party experts find effective ways that will allow you to get access to user data. For example, today, the Financial Times reported about the new development of the Israeli company NSO Group. A tool called Pegasus, allows you to copy data from the user’s iCloud.

It is assumed that access Apple cloud storage can obtain by copying the authentication token, allowing the Pegasus actually “faking” the user to log in to various Apple services, including iCloud.

The main “consumers” Pegasus should be the governments and law enforcement agencies. Last but not least this is due to the high cost of such tools. However, as practice shows, from time to time outdated tools for hacking are often heard on various Internet auctions.

Apple confirmed to journalists the Financial Times that tools like Pegasus can really exist. According to the company, in most cases, they use bugs in operating systems, which is unknown to the developers.

It is worth noting that in the past the NSO Group has created different ways of hacking private services. For example, not so long ago the company released a virus that is able to monitor the WhatsApp users. According to the developers, their solution can be used by law enforcement agencies for fighting terrorists and other criminals.


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