The other day the Hungarian industrial designer Viktor kádár (Kádár Viktor) shared their vision of a new Mac Mini, Apple display and a new keyboard – Magic keyboard with Touch ID.

According to the designer, the updated compact Apple computer should largely resemble their predecessors, but have great potential. In particular, different more powerful hardware. However, what the designer said.

Apparently when creating the concept, the author focused on the rumors that Apple could target the new Mac Mini primarily for professionals, significantly increasing device performance. Hints at this color concept. In such coloring is made and iMac Pro is the powerful Apple candy bar.

As for the new Apple display, on the idea of the Hungarian designer of the Apple display must be different from its predecessors primarily a thin framework. And this applies to both the thickness of the screen itself and the frame around the screen.

Magic keyboard does not particularly surprised. It looks like the keypad in the new MacBook Pro with Touch ID. However, it is realistic and can be considered one of the main pieces of this concept. The designer was not too to experiment with forms, focusing on how to create the device most similar to those cupertinos can imagine tonight.


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