Far in 2013, Apple introduced the iPhone security feature, designed to make the device unattractive to thieves. Since the iPhone can only be associated with one iCloud account, in order for the offender was able to sell it, it must be completely removed, and to do so without your iCloud password is impossible. Without a password you also can’t roll back the iPhone to factory settings.

While iCloud account is valid, the real owner of the device can remotely lock it and determine its location using Find My iPhone feature. It turns out, the stolen iPhone, iCloud is bound to its rightful owner, for the thieves are useless (they will be able to sell except parts).

The above security feature has really helped to reduce the number of thefts, but enterprising criminals have learned to circumvent it, writes Motherboard. Thieves, hackers and programmers have joined forces to find ways to bypass iCloud lock and successfully sell the stolen iPhone.

The scheme, dubbed iCloud unlock, involves the use of forged receipts and invoices in order to convince Apple that the thief is the rightful owner of iCloud, databases with information about smartphones and social engineering at the Apple Store.

To delete iCloud criminals either get the password from the victim (through phishing) or trick an Apple Store employee to unlock a stolen device. The third option is rare and consists in removal of the device CPU with the motherboard and reprogramming. In some cases, thieves have even forced the victims to remove their iCloud account, threatening them with physical violence.

In messengers, there are even specialized community of hackers working to unlock iPhone for the purpose of their further sale. They share their experiences and publish screenshots of successful break-ins. Some hackers are working on dozens of devices simultaneously.

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