Not a very pleasant prognosis for the consumers.

Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the worst period of the crisis Apple will soon be left behind. According to his forecast, from the second quarter of 2019 Apple will sell significantly more iPhones than at present from the company expects the market. In this regard, the Apple share price will have to rise, and the company will emerge from the crisis.

Why is that bad?

Due to the unsuccessful sales of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR in developing countries, especially in China, Apple’s shares fell more than 30% from October 2018. Apple has not only ceased to be the most valuable company in the world, but slipped three list leading in terms of capitalization corporations.

Leading analysts attribute the failure of Apple mostly with inflated prices for the new iPhone. And because such a powerful crisis, experts suggested that in the future Apple will try to change the situation and reduce the price of the new iPhone.

However, as it predicts a respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may have to cope with the crisis without the use of the “last action”. The company will be able to do due to point reduction of prices on iPhone in China and Japan, a more aggressive promotion of the iPhone and profitable promotions that allow you to purchase a new smartphone at a discount.

If Apple successfully normalizes iPhone sales without reducing prices around the world, the more affordable smartphones in the future shouldn’t be expected. In this case, Apple will continue to produce frankly expensive smartphones, not even trying to reduce their cost. Note that on the recent analysts, in early 2019 Apple was willing to reduce the price of smartphones next-generation iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR 2019.

Source: MR.


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