Between the US and Russia is no direct military confrontation, but these countries are “fighting” through their representatives, says Cumhuriyet (Turkey) . And none of the fronts, USA have been unable to get what you want. Ukraine has not managed to become a NATO member and in addition has lost the Crimea. Syria is not divided into parts. Europe cooperates with Russia and it slips from the hands of the United States. And then there’s the events surrounding the “Huawei”.

USA on the Ukrainian front faced with Russia on the Syrian front with Russia and Iran. Although the parties do not confront each other directly in military terms, they “fight” through their representatives.

None of these fronts the U.S. since that time are unable to get what you want. Ukraine has not managed to become a member of either NATO or EU country and on top of that lost the Crimea. And in Syria, Assad has survived, “the Northern corridor” was created, and the country fell apart. Along with all this there are three specific problems that put the “global leadership” of the US into question.

First fear: “Huawei”

The first of these problems, the events surrounding the “Huawei” (Huawei) in U.S. relations with China. With the arrest of the Finance Director “Huawei” Meng Wanzhou (Wanzhou Meng) in Canada at the request of the US this issue has reached the level of major problems.

The United States views the growth of the “Huawei” as a threat to its global leadership. After all, the “Huawei” is not just a competing brand of mobile phones for the American giant “Apple” (Apple), but, more importantly, a company that offers the world’s telecommunications infrastructure, moving in the direction of company the US, EU and Canada.

On the other hand, the “Huawei” not only surpassed Apple in sales, but also took the lead in the use of artificial intelligence.

And that “Huawei” worldwide deploys infrastructure 5G — the technology that will rebuild not only communications, but also practically all areas from transport to the military industry, has become a nightmare for the United States. The US does not want to “Huawei” has created a 5G network in Europe, so frankly threaten the EU.

One of his last presidential decrees trump turned on the “Huawei” in the black list. In this regard, some American companies, especially Google (Google) will no longer be able to sell the “Huawei” their technological development.

Actually American companies, this decision affects not less negative than the “Huawei”. And so, due to the fact that the EU announced its intention to keep the contracts for 5G with “Huawei”, despite the opposition of the United States, trump has decided to defer a decision on the “Huawei” for 90 days…

Second fear: “the Nord stream — 2”

Another fear trump — the problem of the “Nord stream — 2” in U.S. relations with Russia and Germany.

“Nord stream — 2” is the name of the pipeline through which Germany will receive natural gas from Russia. The United States opposes this project. After all, the pipeline on which gas will go to Germany under the Baltic sea bypassing Ukraine and Poland, reduces Berlin’s dependence on Washington.

In short, the “Nord stream — 2” is one of the projects, which is part of the EU gradually slip from the hands of the United States.

Therefore, the administration of the tramp struggling to stop the project. 12 November 2018, the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry (Rick Perry) announced the decision to “resist” the project “Nord stream — 2,” which Russia is jointly implemented with Germany, and the Russian-Turkish project “Turkish stream”, namely, its continuation in Europe. But over the past six months, the United States failed to force the parties to make the slightest step back.

Now the US is preparing to impose sanctions against companies involved in the project “Northern stream — 2”. But the signals from both Moscow and Berlin indicated that “Nord stream — 2” will be built, despite the threats of the United States.

Third fear: the s-400

The third big fear of the tramp — is the problem of the missile defense system s-400 in U.S. relations with Turkey and Russia.

United States, strongly opposing the purchase by Turkey of s-400 from Russia, exert intense pressure to abolish the sale of these systems. Buying Turkey s-400 will change a lot, from military to political balances. Moreover, by using s-400, Turkey, as a NATO member will open the way for many other countries. Besides India, Saudi Arabia and Iraq is also making steps in the direction of the purchase of s-400…

And it will negatively affect the us weapons market, but, more importantly, would undermine the dependence of other countries from the United States, which is provided through the sale of arms.

The US, after failing to solve these three problems in terms of when their hegemony is also on the decline, will quickly lose its “global leadership.”

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