In the first half of 2019 showed positive dynamics of more than 90% of policies investment-linked insurance products “Rosgosstrakh Life”, is available to customers of the Bank “Opening”. The profitability of the strategies showed an increase, ranging from +4.74% to +loss of 17.62% in six months. * Product management company “Opening” a positive trend in the first half showed both stock funds and bond funds, the yield ranged from +4.56% to +18,36%.

The products of investment life insurance (coli) “Rosgosstrakh Life” leader in profitability for the first half of 2019 was the strategy “global security”, involving investments in companies associated with the comprehensive security (providing financial protection and cyber security to medical technology). Index from the beginning of the year increased by 17.62%.

“Despite the continuing volatility of world markets in the first half of 2019 showed a positive trend, after the drawdown of the last quarter of 2018, which in turn has a positive impact on the strategies from “Rosgosstrakh Life”. “Global security” were the leaders of this trend and showed rapid growth compared with the indicator of the U.S. stock market S&P500 and Euro Stoxx 50 Europe”, — explains the head of the investment Department SK “Rosgosstrakh Life” Dmitry Nuriakhmetov.

A good positive trend (+9.53% of) also showed a new strategy of “e-sports” which allows the private customers segment the Bank “Opening” to participate in the dynamic growth of the global game industry. Among the companies, providing performance of the strategy, game manufacturers, providers of online video and the increasingly popular social gaming platforms, the game console manufacturers, etc.

Among coupon coli positive dynamics in the first half of 2019, the strategy is “Smart Funds”, growth, which was +5,87%. Investment income is to be paid within 5 years of the policy, and annually in the form of a coupon if the index is above the initial entry point. The strategy analyzes the market dynamics and is the optimal portfolio of 5 funds. In the composition of the portfolio can include not only traditional stock funds and bond funds but with elements of hedge Fund strategies. This allows to increase the stability of strategies in the long term.

Dynamics of the majority of other strategies coli “Rosgosstrakh Life” for the first half of 2019 has also been positive: 80% of the strategies showed income higher than +5%.

Product management company “Opening” among ruble funds the highest yield for the first half of 2019 showed the Fund “OTKRITIE — Shares”. The result +of 18.36%. Among the papers of the Foundation, had the greatest impact on the growth in the value of shares, shares of Sberbank, Yandex and Gazprom.

“The Russian stock market became one of the best assets in the world in profitability in the first half of 2019 This was caused by the growth of risk appetite among global investors due to the expected easing of monetary policy of the fed and other key world Central Bank, and reducing the anxiety of market participants regarding current and potential sanctions. Thanks to demonstrated by many major issuers desire to return capital to investors through dividends and stock buybacks, are prerequisites for the start of the revaluation process historically very low valuation of the Russian market in terms of fundamental multiples,” — says head of Department control stock of UK “Opening” Vitaly Isakov.

Conservative Fund “OTKRITIE — Bonds” for the first half of 2019 showed a return of 4.56%.

A leader in profitability among currency funds UK “the Discovery” was the Foundation “Open USA”, which showed +18.21% USD. Fund “OTKRITIE — USA” is focused on long-term investors who prefer investments in the most competitive and successful companies in the largest economy in the world, having the desire and ability to take risks and to endure market volatility. Means the owners of shares of the Fund are invested in shares of exchange-traded Fund (ETF) iShares S&P 100.

Actively managed Fund “OTKRITIE — Global investment”, which added YTD +of 15.55% in US dollars, could show such a high result by investing in securities of issuers such as Apple, Facebook, Charter Communications.

78% of the underlying assets included in a “Structured” strategy (the strategy with the participation with full capital protection on foreign underlying assets**) UK “Opening” showed a positive trend. Top 3 investment ideas for the return of the underlying assets (Mastercard, Amazon, Nestle) show an increase from +20% to +38% in absolute value over the six months.

Coupon strategies (strategies with periodic coupon payment depending on the dynamics of the underlying assets) of the criminal code “Opening” to bet on the best stories of the domestic market. The Russian stock market rose by +16,73% (the MICEX index) in the first half, thus showing one of the best speaker among all developing countries, while retaining a huge potential.

“We are pleased in addition to classic deposits to offer our customers a wide range of investment tools that will allow not only to maintain but also to increase the capital, — says head of savings and investment business of the Bank “Opening” Alexander Borodkin. — Investment products our partners are becoming more and more popular with private customers, and, given the impressive results for the first 6 months of this year, we expect further sales growth strategies with capital protection on the basis of classical investment and insurance products.”

*Here and below the yield specified for the half year (to calculate approximate values of yield “annual”, you need to multiply by 2).

**Capital protection is provided at the expiry of the strategy subject to the obligations of the counterparty to the transactions. The amount invested client capital, as well as the financial result at the end of the strategy will be reduced on the expenses and remuneration under the Contract, costs associated with currency conversions and foreign exchange rates, and the tax to incomes of physical persons.

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