Now customers can save time and not to request additional SMS code — it makes it easier to work abroad if you change SIM cards.

To connect function, the client needs on the login page click on “Sign in with Apple” to log in to Apple ID to allow “Point” to use your Apple account ID, log in to the Internet Bank and SMS the code to sign an electronic consent to the use of this function. Similarly, authorization can be connected and in the settings of the Internet Bank. Then you will just need to click on “Sign in with Apple” using an Apple ID. To unlink an Apple ID from the access Point in the settings of the Internet Bank at any time.

“Banks still there are no such authentication schemes. Innovation will be useful to all who work in the web version of the “Points” on devices that support Touch ID or Face ID: IPad, IPhone, MacBook. Now the authorization to the web version of the Internet Bank “Points” on these devices is the same light as authorization in the mobile app. For the best user experience we recommend you upgrade your device to latest version released yesterday iOS 13, iPadOS, which comes out September 24, and MacOS Catalina, which we expect in October. People who can’t wait to try today, the new iPadOS and MacOS Catalina can download a public beta version on the Apple website. If your device doesn’t have a face scanners or fingerprint, you will be able to quickly log in to Internet banking using the password from the device,” said product Manager Ilya Sashko.

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