Dangerous. These accessories are for Apple not to buy AliExpressЯ know how you feel about the Aliexpress. I swear, I hate it but buy. Statistics will not lie.

We go weekly compilation of different products from there. But some of them is not necessary to order, even if you really want. Especially when you are going to use them with appliances Apple.

The temptation is strong. When you see for any penny they sell laces and charging for iPhone and Mac, you start to think: maybe I don’t “overpay”? Admit it, through this point are all.

I’m not going to convince you of the alleged danger of “Chinese”, just to keep the facts. What not to buy, not to regret?

5. Portable batteries. Almost all of them are lying

Example: DIY Portable case Power Bank 15000 mAh — case still the same. And even with the discount.

Wow! A thousand and a half rubles, you can buy a portable Bank 20 000 mAh. Not in a hurry to rush to the “gold” battery, at least, for several reasons.

First, openly Chinese low-grade powerbank installed the cheapest controllers of charge-discharge. This means that no control current when charging the iPhone is not. Instead of 1 — 2 amps the controller may suddenly give out. And then: Hello service and costly repairs smartphone.

Secondly, from the declared 20 thousand mAh at best you will get around 13 — 15 thousand mAh, and especially cheap external batteries and less.

And in such batteries there is no protection from power surges, installed cheap, low quality banks are 18650 and traced the savings on the section of wires in the internal switching.

4. Wireless charging. In the best case will not work, and at worst…

Example: 5V 1A Crystal chargers Qi Wireless Charger receiver — and even lining kit give. Here, “crystalline” it is clear that to burn such a charge for 277 rubles may have when you first connect.

But will burn. Will burn in the worst.

On AliExpress there is a normal wireless charging, which is just plow and all. But you must understand your risks, especially when you pay a couple hundred rubles for a “pad” of the simplest type.

We checked this fact personally. One penny charge begrimed our office. Burned a couple of linear regulators, and then the shock melted and a portion of the chip, and the plastic itself is charging.

If not noticed in time, I think fried would the iPhone X as in the pan.

And buy cheap wireless charging on AliExpress risky because they can is banal not to work. Not to mention the fact that 99% (if not hundred) of “fast” charging there actually are not quick to charge your iPhone. Even if written otherwise. Say thanks to Apple and its very specific standards.

3. Automotive charging. The main killer of the iPhone battery

Example: Hot product mini car Charger USB Charger is a Very “hot”. The iPhone will burn very quickly.

The little “barrel” on the cigar lighter with a pair of USB ports is a real scourge of the battery of any smartphone. Yes, I’m on road charging.

Who would have thought that unstable power supply is constantly jumping voltage and amperage can quietly kill your iPhone? In any STS will tell you that autogarage often wear out the batteries in smartphones to the state of urgent replacement.

On the market decent model with normal electronics inside, but they are more expensive. The Belkin (original), Morphie, TwelveSouth. And remember that cheaper 1000 rubles, nothing good will find.

2. USB cables-C. It’s dangerous

Example: USB type c 2A faster charging — Faster this cable, probably just a piece of wire. The price speaks for itself.

Actively introduce new types of USB ports began a couple of years ago. But with the uniform standard of production accessories undecided so far.

Rather, he decided And brands that produce high-quality laces with a normal number of wires, sensible micro-contacts. From artisanal crafts made by Chinese are very mixed and funny.

From using cheap USB-C cable, your iPhone will simply burn. It was not my idea, just the facts. The Internet is full of such stories, and they deal not only with Apple devices. Stupid cable plus Nintendo Switch, Chromebook, Galaxy Note and so on — is still a dead port and a lot of grief.

All because of the failure of the controller incorrectly calculates allowable voltage and amperage when charging. Don’t risk, don’t.

Remember, better than the original nothing.

1. USB charging C. NEVER. NO-WHEN
Example: Proelio USB PD Type-C wall travel Charger power Adapters with Power delivery for Apple MacBook — the real power for the MacBook, Yes. But in any case do not take IT. Do not take chances.

USB Type C is not USB 2.0 or microUSB, each accessory the correct approach is needed.

USB Type C is easy to pump through as much as 100 watts. But where fast charging, there is almost immediate failure of the device, which is connected to germanskomu charger.

But the problem is the same: cheap USB C charges from AliExpress install a cheap controller and SMD elements that they live their lives. Climb up some diode to fail, and your laptop will literally fry a high current.

Sad to see praise posts of those who allegedly took the “cool” Type-C charging to the Ali from another noname and “cheated the system”. Then fixation will kick as expensive.

No USB chargers-C AliExpress.

It’s all over

Since then our collections will not be above accessories. It’s not all the conclusions.

It is no secret that many Russian shops (especially those that are simpler) do not disdain to trade penny accessories from AliExpress for a tidy sum. This is especially true of cables, batteries and chargers. Gonna rewrap, will raise the price 15 times, and on the shelf.

But the packaging and the brand will not save China’s low-quality accessory from the factory problems.

So personally I believe in a simple mantra: never buy blind accessories from the categories above in Russian stores, even if they are sold in a beautiful box. Walk around the party and especially local or branded brands are in 99% of cases with a low profile “China” with Alibaba.

Here five iron tips.

Tip 1. If you need a good USB charging C, take the original from Apple. Seriously, you better do not find, even if you are not “Apple” gadget. It has Power Delivery, protecting you from all possible harm, and the resource is laid such that you will sooner lose it than it will fail.

Tip 2. If you need a good portable battery, take the model of Xiaomi in the official stores (Yes), Samsung and Anker (to get hard). Their capacity is closest to the real, and the reliability proven by millions.

Tip 3. If you need a good USB cable, you can’t just take the original from Apple. Among all, it is considered the best in all respects. Not exactly gonna kill the connected device, in contrast to the “roll” with Ali. And the price in many places adequate: 1590 rubles.

Tip 4. If you need a good car charger with a USB output, I suggest to look for models from Belkin and Morphie. Yes, they cost more than the average “whistle” with two ports. But the battery in your smartphone will say thank you, as you will thus save on battery replacement.

Tip 5. And if you need wireless charging, I advise you not to waste time on trifles. The scenario that I described might be rare, but where is the guarantee that this will not happen with you when you sleep? It is better to choose something from big brands with the real certification of quality, including MFi. About why it should be Belkin or Morphie in the next article.


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