Innovation will not be ready by September.

In iOS 13 will be the long-awaited dark theme, reported by two sources already checked resources. However, in the final version of iOS 13, which will be released in September 2019, the night mode may not be available. According to sources XDA who are familiar with Apple’s plans, the dark theme will only appear in iOS 13.1.

The sources said that Apple is currently planning to Refine the dark theme only for iOS 13.1. There is a small chance that the company will have time to finish the night mode for the final build of iOS 13. But this chance is really small, therefore expect the dark theme should be only in iOS 13.1.

IOS 13.1 should be out in a couple of months after the launch of the final version of iOS 13. Thus, the iPhone and iPad users will be able to use the dark theme until October.

iOS 13 will be officially presented at the conference WWDC 2019. It is expected that the dark theme will be shown during the presentation of iOS 13, but in beta versions of the firmware it will not.

Source: Twitter.


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