Surprisingly, for many a Dark mode in iOS 13 became one of the main innovations made by Apple. Similar options are many have been waiting for at least several years. However, as found by the authors of the channel PhoneBuff, a new mode is not just changing the theme of interface design, but also positively affects the time of work of Apple’s mobile devices.

It should be noted that on the positive influence of Dark regime on the autonomy of the iPhone was said immediately after the release of the first beta version of iOS 13. However, the authors PhoneBuff confirmed this statement, after a series of tests.

To check the autonomy of the authors PhoneBuff used iPhone Xs and a robotic arm that performed the same manipulation: run the applications that were sent messages in iMessage, thumbed on Twitter, run Youtube videos, etc.

In the end it turned out that the iPhone Xs with active dark theme worked for significantly longer apparatus, which was active and bright interface. By the time smartphone with light topic has been completely drained, his opponent kept still 30% battery charge.

It should be remembered that Dark mode helps to extend battery life for devices with OLED screens. The latter included: iPhone X, iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max, iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.


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