Dark mode will appear in Google Chrome on MacOS
Now you can protect your eyes from the dazzling whiteness of Google Chrome — at least on the Mac. In the latest release of its Chrome browser 73 the company has included a dark mode that turns web pages and elements of the browser itself in black.

To enable it, go to the settings panel in MacOS, select “General” and select “Dark” in menu “appearance”. (If the settings you only see “Blue” and “Graphite”, it means that you are using an older version of MacOS.)

Dark mode is fashionable. Monday Slack added the option “darker, more contrast the theme” in their apps for iOS and Android, while Facebook Messenger got it last week.

Apple introduced a dark mode on MacOS Mojave, allowing users to use a dark color. Rumor has it that the next update for the Apple iOS, which can be announced at WWDC this summer, will add to the iPhone dark mode. Before you can enable dark mode in a separate apps for iPhone only if they are enabled.

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