One of the new features in the next version of Android will be the dark theme — it will darken the interface of the system, branded applications and third-party programs. But how will this affect the energy consumption of smartphones? Edition Phonearena conducted a study and found that the operating time of the device with a dark theme will increase by 50%.

We should clarify that we are talking about smartphones, equipped with screens, organic LEDs (OLED, P-OLED, AMOLED). Each pixel in these displays operates independently, and the darker the color, the lower the power consumption. The black color of the pixel illumination is turned off, which drastically improves autonomy.

With Basemark Power Assessment Tool experts Phonearena measured the power consumption of the smartphone Google Pixel 3. They used a dark design 9 Anroid Pie, as well as the inversion of colors in third-party applications — and the result is impressive.

While surfing the interface and system apps battery consumption decreased by 30%. In some programs, with a predominance of white gap and all was 50% in favor of the dark design — for example, the “phone book”.

In third party programs the difference is not significant, although Facebook with inversion of colors consumed 20% less energy — again, “thank you” white background in the program interface. The average energy consumption fell by 14.8%.

Before the official announcement of the tenth version of Android, which is denoted by the letter “Q” for another six months.

There is information that Apple will also add a dark theme in iOS 12 — this was to be expected, since this feature debuted macOS Mojave. However, in iPhone her presence will be justified not only from the aesthetic side, the smartphone features an OLED screen that consumes less energy with dark images.

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