Will Apple do so?

In iOS 13 , the expected emergence of a dark theme — really long-awaited innovations for many iPhone and iPad users. Apple definitely will make the much anticipated feature unusual, and may even implement it on the basis of a “smart” algorithm.

Earlier we talked about the fact that the likely design a dark theme in iOS 13 known. On it directly shows the updated app in the “Books” in the iOS 12, which supports a full dark mode.

In the “Books” night mode made in an unusual way. It only turns on automatically when iPhone or iPad gets in low lighting. The interface change is done instantly, including older iPhone and iPad models.

Something like that Apple may make in the case of a full dark theme in iOS 13. The company don’t want to do “ordinary” dark theme, as this innovation is expected users would not have to hit them.

It can help to “smart” algorithm that will change the interface theme in automatic mode. iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 will ensure that, for any lighting device is located and to automatically turn on dark theme, if it’s dark. Transitions can look like the following:

Animation for such transitions, Apple already prepared — they quite successfully work in the application “Books”. To create a smart night mode in iOS 13, the company remains “only” to adapt them to the interface. It’s not an easy task, but in this case, the dark iOS theme 13 will be strikingly different from other solutions. This is particularly important because in Android also 10 Q for the first time a night mode.


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