Monday, June 3, presentation, opening the conference for developers WWDC 2019. As usual, the company introduced new versions of their operating systems for smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. The most anticipated was the emergence of a dark theme in iOS 13, the cessation of support for iTunes, as well as providing access for developers to the porting of applications from mobile platforms to desktops. It was also presumed that Apple will finally show the new Mac Pro, the latest version of which was released in 2013. About major updates from Apple presentation — in a material “”.

iOS is black

At the event almost an hour of time paid to the presentation of the new iOS version. As expected, the iOS 13 appears dark theme, which was repainted all system programs in a dark color. Also little things like have the opportunity to print the swipe as in third party keyboards. However, according to senior Vice President of software development Craig Federighi, the update is aimed at increasing the speed of the system: Face ID works 30 percent faster, update applications and system “weigh” 50 percent less, but programs run twice as fast.

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Among other innovations, for example, in the Apple traveled the entire United States to update the Maps. About other countries while nothing is said, and to Russia it is actually soon. In the Photos app changed the editing tools and added the ability to flip the video (in fact, the long-awaited feature), and also added a quick remove duplicate images and changed the search algorithms. In the “Message” you can now create stickers from Memoji and AirPods learned to read messages from any instant messengers (supports Siri Shortcuts). To enhance security, has developed a new API for registering on different sites with your account Apple.

For iPad made a separate operating system

Already in iOS 11 and 12, there is a strong gap between operating systems for smartphones and tablets, Apple identified a single name for a tablet version of its OS — iPadOS. Information about this appeared a few minutes before the start of the presentation. After criticism of the iPad Pro due to their inability to work normally on the tablet, Apple has fundamentally changed the system. Firstly, now the iPad will be able to work with flash using the standard Files. Also, there are gestures for working with text: to copy, paste and undo actions, it is sufficient to select an area and hold with three fingers.

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Multi-tasking has the opportunity to add a few apps, and the keyboard can be reduced to one-handed typing. When working with a stylus, the delay decreased from 20 to 9 milliseconds. In terms of appearance changes a little: added a dark theme in iOS 13, but also allowed to place widgets on the home screen.

iTunes finally closed

In the new version of macOS Catalina will no longer player iTunes. Instead there will be three new apps: “Music”, “Podcasts” and “TV”. To sync your iPhone will be using the file Manager Finder. Overall great news in this, as iTunes seems to hate everything and it was a very busy player. Purchased tracks will remain in your library, just will appear in the “Music.”

Also in the new macOS will be a function of connecting the iPad as a second screen. With it on all Apple devices will appear in the Find My app, which essentially just combined the “Find friends” and “Find my iPhone”, and in the event of theft, the computer completely locks. As expected, developers were given a simple tool for porting programs from your iPad on your Mac called Catalyst. Nothing else on the topic, Mac does not show if not to take into account the update of the most expensive computer Apple Mac Pro.

The most expensive Apple computer is now on wheels

This topic applies to a very narrow layer of people, but still curious to see what Apple says is the most powerful computer. First, it is worth Recalling that the last time the Mac Pro was updated in 2013, and then on the “bucket” was mixed reviews. Apple then promised to get back to basics and release a modular computer. The result was a “grater”, which you can optionally install the wheels.


So now the Mac Pro can supply Intel Xeon with 28 cores capable of working at full capacity thanks to the new cooling system. However, it supports up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM, and inside you can install four video cards AMD Radeon Vega Pro, giving a total performance of 56 teraflops and 128 gigabytes of memory. This machine can simultaneously render the three streams of 8K video in Final Cut with frame rate of 30 fps, or 12 streams of 4K video. The load to this offer 32-inch 6K-monitor, made in the same design with holes. The price tag on the easiest Mac Pro starts from six thousand dollars, for the monitor will have to pay five thousand. You must also consider that the cost for the legs of the monitor is a thousand dollars.

The Apple Watch become more independent and monitor monthly

Apple is increasingly trying to separate the Apple Watch from the iPhone and make the watch more independent. So, watchOS 6 received a number of applications rarely refer to the smartphone as a calculator, a voice recorder and audiobooks. Also the watch will have its own App Store, and will not need to install app on iPhone to appear on the Apple Watch. In addition, there are more separate programs, not available for the iPhone and works only on Watch.

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Changes to health assessment also some. First, there will be a separate app for tracking monthly: it shows the period of maximum fertility time before ovulation and so on. Runs a program to assess ambient noise and warning when it exceeds the allowable value. Separately noted that Apple does not record or transmit everything that is happening around, and just appreciates the noise. And, of course, with the new version on the Apple watch OS will have new dials and will be a new color of straps.

the iPhone 5s and other “legacy” devices will no longer be updated

All the updates will be available in the fall of 2019. iOS 13 will be available on iPhone SE 6 and new iPod touch, iPadOS iPad Air 2, Mini 4 and all Pro. Thus, the iPhone 5s and older models lose the updates, although they received iOS 12, despite the fact that there were more than five years ago. Next in line iPhone 6s and SE, which, apparently, will lose the iOS 14. Test version of all operating systems available to developers since the announcement, all the rest will appear later.

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