Apple confirmed that these Chinese accounts are moved to iCloud servers public company China Telecom. This was reported by 9to5Mac.

In the Chinese social WeChat message came Apple, which confirmed that the company began to obey local laws.

China Telecom provides services to cloud storage for iCloud. Both sides officially signed the agreement at the end of June. Being the world’s largest Telecom operator and cloud services in China, China Telecom will provide high-quality services of data centers.

Initially, iCloud data is stored on Apple servers. The company also held under the control of the encryption keys. A year ago Apple announced that the keys will be handed over to another Chinese state owned company — Guizhou Cloud Big Data. Apple tried to argue against it, but she had to obey local laws. The transition to servers of China Telecom facilitates government access to user data.

Chinese Apple users unhappy with this policy. They are concerned that the increase in speed of services is related to access to personal data and censorship.


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