International day of charity.

Memorable date, the UN established a resolution of the UN General Assembly in 2012. Date is timed to the anniversary of the death of the founder of the Order of mercy, winner of Nobel peace prize to mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa (born Agnes gonxha bojaxhiu), a renowned nun and missionary. In 1950 in Calcutta (India), she founded the Order of missionaries of charity to help the poor and sick people of this city. Nearly 50 years mother Teresa was doing charity work in India first and then in other countries.

22 years ago (1997) in Moscow opened the monument “In commemoration of the 300th anniversary of Russian fleet” — the monument to Peter the great by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.

It is located on the spit of the Moskva river and the Vodootvodny canal near the confectionery factory “Red October”. Its total height is 98 meters. This is one of the highest monuments in Russia.

28 years ago (1991) the V Congress of people’s deputies of the USSR adopted the Declaration of the rights and freedoms of the individual.

The document was a new concept of the relationship of the citizen and the state, differing from that which was enshrined in the Constitution of the USSR.

In November 1991 the Supreme Soviet adopted the Declaration of the rights and freedoms of man, which formed the basis of the article, “the State and identity” of the new Constitution of Russia.

37 years ago (1982) conducted the first teleconference of the USSR — USA.

Its initiators are the co-founder of the company “Apple Computer” Steve Wozniak and Soviet screenwriter Joseph Goldin. Directed teleconference from the USSR Yuli Gusman.

The first teleconference linked 250 thousand young Americans parties held in the Los Angeles rock festival “We,” and their Soviet peers who had gathered in the 3rd Studio of the television station “Ostankino”. In the transmission also took part: Alla Pugacheva, ensembles of Stas Namin and “Russian song”, vocal-instrumental ensembles “Flame”, “Speaker”, “Sunday” and other pop groups.

101 years ago (1918), the Council of people’s Commissars adopted the decree “On red terror”.

This resolution was passed after the assassination attempt on 30 August 1918, Vladimir Lenin. According to the document, created concentration camps to isolate the “class enemies” and has been legalized the shooting of citizens connected with the white guard organizations, conspiracies and mutinies. The extraordinary Commission is mandated to take hostages, to convict and to bring them to pass.

The policy of “red terror” were held until 1922. During this time, according to various reports, suffered from 50 thousand to over a million people.

114 years ago (1905) Russia and Japan signed the Treaty of Portsmouth which ended the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

The military conflict for control of Manchuria, Korea and ports of Port Arthur and the far began in February 1904, when Japanese troops attacked Russian fleet in Port Arthur.

Despite its military victory, at the beginning of 1905, Japan took the initiative of holding peace talks. Russia, who was at that time in a difficult political situation, agreed.

9 Aug 1905 in Portsmouth (USA) began the talks. The Russian delegation was headed by the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers Sergei Witte, the Japanese Minister of foreign Affairs of Jutaro Komura. They ended on 5 September with the signing of the Portsmouth peace.

Under its terms, Russia ceded to Japan the southern part of Sakhalin, rights to lease Port Arthur and the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula and the South Manchuria railway. Japan received the right to fish off the coast of Japan, Okhotsk and Bering seas. In addition, Korea recognized the Japanese area of influence, and Russia has abandoned its political, military and trade advantages in Manchuria.

In 1931, Japan violated the Treaty of Portsmouth, having occupied Manchuria. After the defeat of Japan in world war II and its surrender on 2 September 1945, the Portsmouth Treaty became invalid.

42 years ago (1977) from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (USA) launched unmanned probe Voyager 1.

On Board is installed a gold plate with letters of extraterrestrial civilizations: the information about the location of Earth in the Solar system, greetings in the languages of the different peoples of the world, music and sounds of nature.

It was originally intended to study Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager 1 was the first automatic probe, which made detailed images of these planets.

In 2013 Voyager 1 has left the Solar system. At the moment it is the most remote from Earth man-made object. In 2016 he was at a distance of 20 billion miles from the Sun.

47 years ago (1972) in Munich (Germany) during the XX Olympic games was a terrorist attack.

Palestinian militants of the extremist organization “Black September” took in the Olympic village, nine members of the Israeli team. During a failed liberation operation, killing all the hostages. Were killed five terrorists, three were arrested.

Subsequently, most of the alleged organizers of the attack and the two surviving militants were eliminated by Israeli intelligence “Mossad” in operation “Spring of youth” and “Wrath of God”.

353 years ago (1666) ended in the Great fire of London.

The fire originated in a small bakery of Thomas Farriner on the street, Padding-lane and lasted four days.

According to historians, was burned over 13 thousand homes, over 80 parish churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral. Homes were deprived of 70 thousand inhabitants of the city. 16 people were killed.

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