According to the latest news from the US and China sides, with high probability, to March 1, will reach a new trade agreement, and end the war “tariffs”. For Russia this news is certainly positive information, because it reduces the risk of the global crisis and, as consequence, falling prices for raw materials, including oil.

However, brackets remain fundamental questions related to the American accusations against the leader of Chinese high-tech industry company Huawei Technologies. And in America, and in China waiting for the final conclusion of the United States, because it is too hard a verdict could undermine the hopes for peace in trade war.

Few people know that the FBI almost 12 years monitor Huawei Technologies. In 2007 in new York city about cooperation with Iran in circumvention of U.S. sanctions was dobrosin Corporation founder Ren Zhengfei, appeared in the Protocol as “employee No. 1”.

Rather, it was the usual “hitting” the security forces, because with the same base could have been found guilty of a top Manager of General Motors only because in the streets of Tehran there are Chevrolet.

To be clear, what was going on. The charge is based on the publication by Reuters, supposedly, the Chinese were selling their products to Iran via plan on playing this firm Skycom, supposedly a subsidiary of Huawei. In their report, FBI agents refer, for example, “the file which was deleted and which may have contained incriminating details”. However, no real evidence, although American court, they do not need.

It is clear that the technical issues of FBI agents has long advised American it specialists with a vested interest in maintaining the competitive position of their companies. In particular, the prosecution argues that the engineers of Huawei stole information about robot T-Mobile for testing mobile phones. They say the device is too complex to be the Chinese have been able to do the same.

By the way, on the same basis was based lawsuits against Samsung Group. Otherwise, as a scientific chauvinism such “attacks” can not be named. However, the other Chinese — ZTE Corp, with similar charges, was fined $2 billion, after which she was banned for a period of 3 months to buy American chips and other components for smartphones.

“It is likely that Huawei will further penalty,” said David De Cremer, Professor of the National University of Singapore and author of “Huawei: leadership, culture and communication”.

And yet between the stories, with ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies has big difference. If the first Americans simply stripped naked, then the second — they want to destroy. “The tramp and the political climate in the US is now much different from when I was introduced to the fine ZTE,” said Christopher balding, former associate Professor of the business school HSBC in Shenzhen, now a respected expert on relations between the US and China.

Yes, a temporary ban on the supply of chips put Qualcomm ZTE Corp on the brink of disaster and has exposed the dependence of China from a number of American technology. At the same time, the leader of China XI Jinping encouraged Chinese companies to intensify research and development to provide scientific and technical breakthroughs. So there was the industrial road map “Made in China 2025”, presentation of which caused the United States the hysteria.

Washington immediately accused the Chinese of industrial espionage. Again fully manifested in scientific and engineering chauvinism, rolling in the stars and stripes megalomania.

It seems that Huawei Technologies is the Corporation, which must carry out the substitution of American products that are critical to the Chinese electronics industry.

Note that according to the list published in November 2018, about a third of the 92 major suppliers of Huawei are companies from the United States. The same information was given by investment Bank Goldman Sachs. According to him, the States are 8 of the 20 largest suppliers with the highest level of influence on Huawei.

If we imagine for a moment that the program “Made in China 2025” is implemented, then the question arises: what will happen to Apple products, ears which stick out of the FBI investigation?

Has all the prerequisites of the coming changes, very dangerous for America and its scientific and technological hegemony. According to research firm IDC, Huawei was in second place in the world in sales of smartphones, behind Samsung and ahead of Apple (data for 1st half of 2018). While Oppo and Xiaomi Corp. took 4th and 5th places.

“Not all the famous brands of smartphones were equally successful (last year — ed.) — said Charanjit Kaur, senior Manager, IDC. But those who have succeeded in China, had good results on the world market.”

Indeed, iPhone sales in China in the fourth quarter of 2018 fell to 22%, in total, Chinese brands by 11%. But the sale of products of Huawei, by contrast, increased by 23%. This phenomenon reflects, on the one hand, the increasing fierce competition in the conditions of oversaturation of the market, waiting for mobile devices with the communication standard 5G.

Note that the demand for mobile phones for Chinese brands has doubled each year in the period 2010-2012, when implemented in a mobile communication standard 3G. Then there was a certain slowdown, which was caused by hard opposition from the United States, dissatisfied with the success of Chinese companies. The fact that the quality of Chinese smartphones grew faster than increased their price, and the Americans — on the contrary.

In the end, something happened that is now observed in the global smartphone market. To understand these changes, the Chinese sellers of Apple products surveyed its customers, who traditionally bought the iPhone, but switched to the brands “Made in China”. Came about:

“the iPhone is becoming increasingly unaffordable, when compared with the same Huawei, it becomes clear that the Americans are doing good phone, but it is not worth big money.”

“It is foolish to pay 1000 dollars for something that a year is obsolete and not much better that costs 300 bucks.”

Similar occurs and in Russia. In 2018 the number of smartphones sold the first place in sales ranked Samsung, second Huawei and its Honor sub-brand, and Apple was third. Moreover, Russians often not bought a cool new iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR, and the “old” models 2016 iPhone SE the iPhone 7, and even “old” iPhone 6s (2015).

The demand of the Russians on the old model demonstrates a certain promiscuity in the characteristics — main “to the body adorned accutanee Apple.” However, Ivonna labelomania was typical for the Chinese until 2017, but they seem like residents of many other countries, gradually ill. Thus, Apple will have to reduce the price at least to the level Huawei (which is hardly possible) or to accept the loss of the market in many countries.

If China implements “Made in China 2025”, the Empire of Steve jobs will be under the powerful impact. That is why the US wants to kill his rival, until he stood firmly on his feet. But, it seems that the Americans were late.

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