Decided the winners of the Cannes Lions festival
In the French city of Cannes ended with the largest international festival of creativity “Cannes lions-2019”. Introducing the best work recognized by the jury members and guests of the festival.
Nomination Film — Cannes lions 2019
Grand Prix: the Truth is worth it (The truth is wirth it)
In a time when truth is distorted, The New York Times reveals the truth to readers around the world. The campaign “Really worth it” shows what courage, perseverance and determination you need to show the journalist The New York Times to get to the truth. Original, independent journalism requires resources, time and a lot of diligence and a subscription to the Times is critical in these efforts.
The campaign filmed 5 videos that reveal details of the investigation, five stories. One of the stories shows how a journalist from the New York Times is trying to bring the truth about what undocumented migrants share with their children:

1. For Mac — create beautiful (Behind the Mac Make Something Wonderful)
Apple introduced the 60-second clip, which consists of black-and-white photographs. The footage shows the famous people who work on their laptops Mac: Serena Williams, Paul McCartney in his Studio, frog Kermet and Anna Wintour, Oprah and Bono, each absorbed in his work. Photographs of famous personalities are interspersed with pictures of Mac users in the usual cafe and school, at home and at work. According to the message Apple wanted to show how much great work was done for Mac.

2. The boy and the piano (The boy and the piano)
The movie shows the viewer the life of sir Elton John from present day to childhood. As presented in the child the piano led to the fact that he became a world-renowned performer he is today. “Some gifts are more than just gifts.”

Work with Apple (Apple at work)

This creative video was created to demonstrate the capabilities of Apple products for use in the workflow. Use the video Microsoft Excel for iOS evidence of collaboration platforms PC/Mac. Applications such as FaceTime, AirDrop and Notes are presented as tools for group work. Shapr3D, an app for 3D modeling on iPad. Finally, users are reminded that the IOS system allows you to drag text, images and files from one application to another.

Long live the vulva (Viva la vulva)

This fun and provocative viral campaign has pushed the boundaries in the discussion of women’s physiology. Three-minute video shows the items associated with the female genitalia. The campaign reminds: “What is natural is not ugly”.

Crazy dream (crazy Dream)

For 30 years, the mantra “Just do it” was a motivational call for athletes in all sports. To celebrate the anniversary was presented the work of “Dream Crazy”, which contains a collection of stories about athletes who have achieved great success.

Isolated generation (Generation lockdown)

Almost every school in the United States, starting with Junior classes, lessons are available for the protection in case of attack shooters. These lessons have become as normal as the study of mathematics and natural Sciences.
Instead, to pass laws prohibiting the use of weapons, the policy has forced millions of children to become experts in survival. This campaign, the creators wanted to create enough noise that politicians had no choice but to reform and to protect children from violence with a firearm.

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