A13 Apple will hit performance.

For the performance the next-generation iPhone to Apple A13. As found by the authoritative insider Longhorn, the new Apple chip will be extremely unusual. The production capacity of the A13 processor Apple will be so big, in addition to iPhone chip will be equipped with the latest MacBook.

Apple intends to bring the performance of the iPhone and iPad to a new level. According to an insider, the Apple A13 processor has the code name of Cebu and new types of nuclei. Energy-efficient processor cores are called Thunder, powerful Lightning.

Frequency of processor cores Apple A13 currently unknown exactly how and other technical specifications. However, according to insider sources, the chip will form the basis for the new MacBook, and its more than impressive performance. First new iPhone and MacBook are running the same processor. Of course, we are talking about the basic version of one of the MacBook is not of the line Pro. However, Apple’s plans are impressive.

Earlier it became known that Apple is preparing a major update to the iPhone next year. The company is expected to greatly enhance the feature set of the new smartphones that will equip them with a system of three cameras and will probably refresh the design of the unusual gradient colors.

Source: Twitter.


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