The main presentation was held by Apple in September, but this month we are waiting for some more news. Among them are likely to be new AirPods 3, 16-inch updated MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. Photos of the latter leaked to the network, and they raise some questions.

So, in the pictures posing 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2019. And like things the old way, only now the camera has become like that of the iPhone 11 Pro, triple. Located in the same square module.

It is reported that the sensors will have a wide-angle, ultra-wide angle and telephoto optics. In short, like smartphone.

It can be assumed that working tablet is also on the A13 processor. It is expected, by the way, the 11-inch model.

Recall that after the iPhone 11 Pro, some users began to complain that the appearance of triple camera gives them bouts of trypophobia. Those who were psychologically stable, have time to create many memes mocking the design.

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