These headphones make life easier for users.

In March 2018, it became known that Apple is planning to release their own headphones. Now the information received confirmation. Apple has registered a patent describing the construction and operation of overhead headphones.

As emphasized in the patent, the distinguishing feature of the headphones must be innovative system of five microphones. She is the voice of the owner will determine what kind of ear is wearing the ear cushions and adjust the headphones work. As a result, existing binding to the left or right ear will automatically become unnecessary.

In addition, the innovative microphone system will be able to control the headphone location in space and to cut out the extra background noise similar to the “smart” column HomePod. One of the microphones will be responsible for capturing voice and the other to control how “clean” is the sound for the source.

According to insiders, the yield is a revolutionary full-size headphones Apple is expected before the end of the year. It is not excluded that certain practices of this patent will be used also in 2 AirPods.

Source: Patently Apple


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