The unit will surprise you.

Chinese company Huawei is not in vain criticizes other manufacturers with a hint of real innovation in its future flagships. As emphasized insiders, smartphone Mate 20 will receive a number of unique opportunities that will allow them dignity to face the competitors in the second half of 2018.

The latest leak suggests that the smartphone Mate 20 will be able to boast a virtually frameless design with monopoly in the style of X iPhone. The cutout at the top of the display will hide the front camera and sensors necessary for the functioning of the recognition system. According to insiders, a basis for a 3D scanner will be a “time-of-flight camera” (Time of Flight).

Another important feature of the smartphone will be a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen Huawei Mate 20. This technology first appeared in Mate RS Porshe Design, and Huawei now intends to include in its smartphones more affordable price segment.

The most probable date for the announcement of Mate and Mate 20 20 Pro is October. The “filling” of the flagship will include 6,3-/6,9-inch display, a processor Kirin 980, 6/8 GB of RAM and the main camera module of high resolution. In addition, the Mate 20 Pro can get the battery capacity among flagship Huawei — 4200 mAh.

Source: Gizchina


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