The first festival of students passed in 2018, at the initiative of the student community. The Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov supported the idea of youth, and the festival has become a tradition. In 2018 it took place on the embankment. This time the venue will be the street.

The changes will affect not only the venue, and program. The main event will be the quest, the results of which will be the initiation of freshmen into students. The quest starts right after the opening ceremony. To participate students must register to a chat-bot, it is enough to write a message in the group Vkontakte. Through the messenger will give the participants the task to cope with which will be possible, visiting the sites of educational institutions. The quest’s objective — to correctly answer maximum number of questions of the proposed 50. The main prizes for the winners will be iPhone 8, Apple Watch and Beats headphones.

From 13:00 to 18:00 and will run about 50 thematic contest and exhibition venues. Universities and other educational institutions of the Samara region will present innovative developments that will acquaint guests of the festival with the students projects and their scientific achievements. For example, students of the Samara national research University will tell you how in life you can use modern scientific development, will present the guests of the festival flying, and an interactive chemistry lab.

In addition, for the first time within the student day will be held “intellectual battle” science Slam that will be held at the site on the street Nekrasov. It is at 17:20 will be performing a Drum show Drum Time from Saint-Petersburg. On the street Leo Tolstoy student teams in the championship of “the Voice” will demonstrate vocal skills. In addition, the entertainment program of the festival performances of street bands from Samara, Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Sports fans are waiting on crossing of streets of Kuibyshev and red army. There at 13:15 starts bulk charging, after which the guests of the holiday waiting for the speech from the Federation of cheerleading and freestyle football.

The main stage of the festival will be located in the district str. There will be a solemn opening of the festival.

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