Dell has announced the Alienware gaming monitor 55 OLED with a huge diagonal matrix OLED. This is the premium model, only it is not just a lot, a lot.

Retail price of Haier 55 OLED amounted to exactly $ 4,000, and it can be to buy at the end of September this year. The screen got a diagonal of 55 inches, the 4K resolution or Ultra HD and refresh rate of 120 Hz, and all the basic specifications, which are revealed by the manufacturer. The brightness level and contrast of the unknown, the refresh rate of the matrix too, and it is unclear what exactly Dell is asking such a large sum of money.

By the way, the monitor has no support for HDR, which makes the cost even more unreasonable. And Yes, he was deprived of modern HDMI interface 2.1, leaving only HDMI 2.0 paired with DP 1.2. So far the only competitive advantage this monitor is an interesting design, very thin frame and large screen diagonal matrix modern. Dell release Alienware 55 OLED 30 September, but it will be sold in all countries of the world — it is possible that the crisis Russia in its geographical distribution will not be included.

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