Users agree.

Deputy Minister Oleg Ivanov said that is officially blocked in Russia, the Telegram messenger, “cool service”. Along with this, the official stressed that Telegram will not be long to work in Russia and will be permanently banned.

“Telegram cool service. If he had complied with the safety requirements, all would be well,” — said Ivanov. The official then said that he doesn’t use Telegram because “the state cannot afford not to execute own decisions.” In addition, Ivanov said that the Telegram will not be long to work in Russia.

Runet users drew attention to the statement Ivanova and agreed with him. In social networks, the Russians noted that the Telegram is really great messenger which nothing was blocked in Russia. Many Russians said that continue to use the Telegram, since no restrictions have not manifested.

The messenger Telegram is officially banned in Russia from April 2018. Originally Roscomnadzor actively fought against the messenger, blocking hundreds of thousands of IP addresses, the Telegram is used to bypass a ban. But in the second half of 2018 the IP block stopped. At the beginning of 2019 most previously made in the register of banned IP addresses were unlocked.

Source: TASS.


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