What is the meaning of shopping in the US

For 5 years, commencing in 2014, the prices officially increased by 41.64%, but in reality, the price increase was very uneven. Twice or more expensive imported goods, as their price is tied to the exchange rate of foreign currencies and the ruble depreciated by more than 2 times during this period.

The prices of goods of foreign origin was not low until 2014, but now they are becoming exorbitant. The difference in cost of the same goods in different countries can reach up to 300-400%, and most often this applies to clothes and shoes. On electronics as much “cheat” would be problematic, because then nobody will buy it.

Therefore, one of the few available ways to save money on the purchase of imported goods in foreign Internet-shop. Usually the price will be lower than in Russia even taking into account shipping and Commission broker.

For example, Levi’s jeans for $ 40 in the US (or about 2600 rubles) are converted into jeans in Russia for 7500 rubles, the price in the U.S. (the Sears store) — 39,99 dollars in Russia for 7500 rubles.

Even if you count the us price without the discount (and there are many), that still leaves 3800 rubles, far less than the Russian price. In Russia in the same store the price of the model with the largest discount — about 4800 rubles.

When buying electronics, it also makes sense to look at American sites. For example, an e-book with backlight and touch screen can be bought for $ 90: the Price on Amazon is 89.99 dollars, or about 5600 rubles.

In Russia similar in characteristics (but less famous local brand) to purchase a book only for 7500-8000 rubles: the Choice of the United States due to the fact that it is the largest market for most world famous brands. Due to severe competition, American stores cut prices to the bare minimum than can take the advantage of the Russians.

Single story — products that can be bought only in the us store. It could be clothes, radios, and electronics. Then no choice except to order from overseas, remains.

Directly or through an intermediary

To purchased in the United States the product in several ways: to take personally. It is obvious that due to the cost of tickets and the difficulty to get a visa is almost impossible. But someone in the United States are the relatives and friends who could receive the order and bring it to Russia;

to arrange delivery from the store. It’s not the worst option if the store offers inexpensive options. But most often the sellers are the simplest way and shipping overseas only by Express companies, what is costly;

to use the services of a mediator. Intermediaries in the U.S. many among them are well-known and not so large companies and individuals. For a novice buyer it would be the best option, because the intermediary is able even to make an order and pay with an American card. The option of mediation is attractive for another reason — many us stores accept only cards issued by banks from the United States. That is, even having a map of the level of Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard Russian Bank, you pay the order will not work.

The pros and cons and have delivery from the store, and work through intermediaries.

Shipping directly from the store

The easiest way to arrange transportation from an American online store directly to Russia. Gradually foreign companies are discovering the possibilities of the Russian market, despite sanctions and open cooperation with Russia, including payment and delivery of orders.

Some online shopping in the USA work exclusively on the domestic market, some deliver goods to Europe, while others offer shipping to most countries of the world including Russia.

Among the American shops there are many: Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/) — world’s largest online store started with selling books. Strictly speaking, Amazon places warehouses and logistics centers worldwide, but the company is based in the United States. Shipping to Russia will be paid, and is not available for all products.

Overstock (https://www.overstock.com/) — supermarket equipment and goods for the home. Shipping will be paid, and Russia to the list countries no (but there are Belarus, Armenia and Uzbekistan). On forums report that the delivery to Russia is present, but quite expensive.

Sears (https://www.sears.com/) is an online hypermarket of goods in different categories: clothes, shoes, appliances, tools, etc. international shipping is, but in Russia, the store will send the order via DHL, which is expensive. Recently, for the purchase, you have to change the IP address.

Victoria’s Secret (https://ww.victoriassecret.com) — the world famous brand underwear, swimwear and other clothing categories. Shipping will be free if the purchase amount exceeds 175-200 dollars (sometimes less), and with a delivery fee order unprofitable.

JCrew (https://www.jcrew.com) shop men’s, women’s and children’s clothes. There is a delivery to Russia, but sometimes the entrance to the site with a Russian IP may not be possible. Shipping is quite expensive, about 2000 rubles, but if you order several things, the per unit shipping cost is not very expensive.

REI (https://www.rei.com) — store of goods for sport and active recreation. There are many goods, which in Russia is not provided or too expensive. Delivery to Russia for items more expensive than $ 150 free if less than this amount — it will cost $ 20. This is not a complete list of stores. Mostly for Russians interested in clothing stores, because it is lightweight, compact, and much cheaper, than in Russia.

Other shops also deliver orders to Russia — JCPenney, Macy’s, Carters and OshKosh B gosh, TommyBahama, Aeropostale, Shoes and more.

When ordering directly in the online store you need to consider the method of delivery. To send a parcel from the US in two ways: via USPS — similar to our “Mail of Russia”. In Russia the parcel be delivered via regular mail or EMS. A cheap option, but slow and has a risk of loss of the package;

via Express company DHL, FedEx or UPS. These companies have their logistics centres and even planes. The parcel can reach in a week and bring her courier, but they should be much more expensive. When shipping via DHL is there a chance to get to a full customs clearance with a personal visit to the customs office. The company will ask extra for support.

The order process is about the same as in the Russian online store. It is desirable to register on the website (everything in English), then you need to put items in the cart, checkout and make a payment. For delivery you need to specify the full address and postcode, for Americans it matters.


To arrange the delivery directly from the store can be difficult or impossible. The reasons are many: many stores refuse to ship orders to Russia (in full or in certain part of the goods);

cards of Russian banks (even premium) do not accept all stores;

for international delivery shops can do discounts and use promotional codes;

send only expensive delivery via courier company. In all such problematic cases, it is better to use the services of intermediaries. Are firms that are in the territory of the United States, and most often in States without sales tax.

Tax-free only 4 States: Delaware, Montana, new Hampshire and Oregon (then there is Alaska, but there is no work for obvious reasons).

A lot of middlemen, but the most known of them are following: Choppas (https://shopfans.ru/): has a warehouse in Philadelphia, and orders are sent by plane from the airport in new York. In Russia the parcel goes through the company “Boxberry”;

The polar Express (https://www.polexp.com/): storage in Wilmington tax-exempt in the state of Delaware, in Russia, the delivery courier via EMS or “Mail of Russia”;

Qwintry (https://qwintry.com/ru): warehouse in new castle in Delaware, shipping to Russia by courier or mail. There are several different shipping rates;

Mail.com (https://www.pochtoy.com/): a warehouse in HOMESTEAD, Pennsylvania, in Russia the parcel goes through the company “Boxberry” or “Mail of Russia”;

Shopotom (https://shopotam.ru/): has a warehouse in Wilmington in Delaware, in Russia via one of the courier companies or “Mail of Russia”. Process the purchase through an intermediary may differ for different services, but in General it is this: register on the website of the realtor and get a “physical” address of the warehouse. This is the mailing address plus location number (similar to a p. O. box) — so the broker knew whose order it is came;

make the order in the online shop, specifying the address of delivery the address of the warehouse.

If the problem with the English, the mediator can help. For a fee, he will place an order and spend the payment, the buyer can simply send a link to the product and transfer the money to the intermediary. What do you do if the store doesn’t accept Russian cards. the order arrives at the warehouse (for USA shipping fast), where it is taken, weigh, test, photograph, and the photo appears in your account on the service website. Multiple orders from different shops can be combined into one package and save on that;

to send to Russia the buyer chooses the rate (they are, as a rule, several — faster and more expensive or slower and cheaper) fills the customs Declaration, indicates the recipient’s details and pay for shipping according to the tariffs of the service. Customs Declaration to fill out easy, just enter the name of the product and the price;

the mediator sends a parcel to Russia through its own channels or through other services. In Russia after the customs control, the package goes to the shipping company from where it is delivered to the recipient. Fees for services intermediaries are different, and they depend on the type of delivery. If the delivery is fast, but in Russia the parcel will be courier it will be more expensive (for example boxes with a pair of boots about 50-60 dollars) if using regular mail and a little longer — it is cheaper (the same box would cost $ 30).

Several intermediaries, and each of them has several tariffs. It is desirable to view them all and roughly estimate the shipping cost on the proposed order. For this, many online shopping write the size of the item and its weight.

Intermediaries often offer to insure the package. It is worth doing for parcels with expensive orders like jewelry or electronics. Knowing the work of “Mail of Russia”, insurance will not be superfluous.

In the end, shipping via an intermediary — it is not very difficult and not very expensive if you approach the matter correctly.

How you can save

Purchase in foreign Internet-shop is the way to save, but if you want you can spend less. Western marketing technologies involve frequent sales, various loyalty programs and other bonuses.

The easiest way to save is to look for products in the sales, they are usually referred to as Sale and Clearance. Discounts can reach 70% and above, but if we are talking about clothes, not all sizes will be available.

“Bogus” discounts in the US is less than us, but check prices on other sites not hurt. It happens that the price reduces the manufacturer, and then at this product discounts will be in all stores.

Find the discount offers will help on specialized forums and communities, because one person is unable to check the prices in all online stores.

Sales in the US come in several times a year. It’s traditional for Russia “Black Friday” — last Friday of November, when all are buying gifts for Christmas, and the following “cyber Monday”. Because of the mass influx of customers during the peak days of sales sites online stores can work intermittently, and the order will go in later than usual.

In addition to the “Black Friday” and “cyber Monday” sales are in the USA and on holidays like independence Day (4 July), St. Patrick’s Day (17 March), Valentine’s Day (14 February), Columbus Day (second Monday in October) and others.

Another way to save money — buying the previous seasons or out of season. For instance, winter clothing can be enjoyed in the summer when prices are falling. Last year’s collection of clothing much cheaper, but in Russia still remain relevant.

The “standard” ways of getting discounts like promo code or coupon newsletters and work in the United States. Stores often offer promotional codes for specific groups of products or on the entire range. It can be really profitable.

Single story — cashback on purchases. It is important to go to the website of the online store through a cashback website service, after registering on it.

Services Mrrebates.com, Ebates.com, Extrabux.com, Topcashback.com, Befrugal.com and others return up to 10% of all purchases in certain stores. Withdraw cash back “real money” through check or PayPal.

Wanting to save money on purchases in the US, do not forget about the Russian shops. Sometimes, goods can cost us as much as abroad. This mainly relates to electronics — Samsung and Apple is officially working on the Russian market and offer prices within the world.

Customs restrictions

Prices in us online stores different from the Russian, not least because of customs duties. Importers have to pay a standard fee in the amount of about 30% of the cost of goods for all imports (except countries with duty-free area).

Russia is in the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU) with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Customs tariffs are set by the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) common to all these countries.

And according to the decision of the ECE 2019 fell sharply limits for duty free import of goods: parcels from online stores: cost not more than 500 euros, and weight not more than 31 kg per month (before that it was 1,000 euros and 31 kilograms);

personal import land transport: 500 euros or 25 pounds (up from 1500 euros and 50 pounds);

personal import by air: 10 000 euros or 50 pounds (no change). The parcel exceeds the parameters by value or by weight? Will have to pay 30% of the cost exceeding the limit plus 4 euros for each kilogram over the limit.

Next year the limit is reduced even more, to 200 euros. But he will act on one parcel (not calendar month), plus a fee reduced by half to 15% of the value over the limit and 2 euros per kilo.

Customs clearance holds a special customs broker, which you have to pay (if the package falls under the duty). Sometimes, the receiver will need to personally visit the customs office to resolve the issues on customs duty. So the goods are more expensive than 500 Euro is better not to order, and take personally the plane.

Finally, the legislation prohibits the import into Russia a certain number of goods. It increased from 2014, when countries exchanged sanctions, and many products are custom deploy back.

The problem will be more serious when ordering electronics that do not have permits in Russia. This is a different kind of hidden camera or GPS tracker. For trying to bring this in Russia you can get criminal case with a prospective prison term.

Other prohibitions relate to lithium batteries, weapons, jewelry, drugs and some other types of cargo. Part is forbidden to transport by aircraft, part of which is related to the customs laws of the United States and Russia.

In this case, not worth the risk and ordered knowingly illicit goods. At best it would be a loss of time and money, at worst you can get criminal case.

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