Apple intends to significantly increase sales of iPhone smartphones 12, to be presented next year. According to insiders, the manufacturer already predicts growth in smartphone sales a new generation of 100 million copies. Which is 20 million more than expected realization from iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro before the end of the year, reports 9to5mac.

It is noted that the growth of interest of users to new smartphones could trigger support for a 5G network, which is absent in previous models. In addition, the iPhone 12 will be presented in a new design that can also increase the demand, as significant changes the line has undergone since the release of “six”. However, some experts the idea of increasing sales by 25% seems too ambitious. In recent years, the company has demonstrated growth of more than 5%.

Earlier it became known that in connection with the redesign of the price of the new iPhone 12 could rise by $140. It is projected that the smartphone will appear on the front and rear glass 2/2,5 D, and a metal frame that externally would resemble the iPhone 4.

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