Scientists at the University of Michigan have developed an application for iPhone with function of measuring blood pressure, says the journal Scientific Reports. Thanks to the use of a unique software algorithms, the measurement is carried out without cuffs and mechanism of air injection, ensure the precision on the level of mechanical blood pressure monitors.

According to the authors of the invention, the core of the application is the method oscillometric pressure of the fingers. It requires that the patient put her fingers to the lens of the front camera and display that support 3D Touch, slightly pushing at them. At this time the application will measure the amplitude of the resulting oscillation, then oscillations correlate data received by the display and camera.

How to measure pressure using your iPhone

“Using optical and force sensors, which are installed on smartphones, we have managed to create a practical tool to measure blood pressure. Easy to measure AD can raise the awareness of people about the propensity to hypertension and thereby reducing mortality from cardiovascular disease,” says study author Ramakrishna Mukkamala.

Application for pressure measurement is still in early alpha, and therefore unavailable for download in the App Store. According to the researchers, their development needs in a variety of field and laboratory tests that show the real effectiveness measurements. Under the most favorable outcome, the authors hope to release the app already in 2019.


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