Free cheese can be only in a mousetrap. This simple truth is once again confirmed by the experts of the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) and Dark Wolfe Consulting, who has studied the device for watching pirated video content. Of the six models of devices allowing free-to-view pay-TV shows using pirated apps, nearly half were infected with malware, the researchers report.

While many users prefer the original set-top box Apple TV or Roku to watch Netflix or Hulu, there is a huge market hacked or modified devices that provide the same content for free. Such devices are much cheaper and allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without any restrictions.

The principle of operation of pirate devices is the same as the original — they need to connect to your TV and home Wi-Fi network. Sometimes they have installed the app. However, if malware is not present at the device, it is application, experts say.

According to the Timber wolf (Timber Wolfe) Wolfe Consulting from the Dark, the malware was present in 40% of studied applications for the pirate set-top boxes. Among other things, malware can turn on the camera and microphone on the connected devices.

“You have a choice of free movies or Bank account. Bringing home this device, you are letting the hacker,” said DCA Executive Director Tom Galvin (Tom Galvin).

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