With the first “smart” column LG I met back in April at the annual conference the Korean electronics maker. Even then, after a brief introduction, the device struck me as interesting. Small size, unusual for a stationary column form, and even voice assistant inside a good set.

Initially, the manufacturer was kept secret for the release date and the price of the device. Sales started only at the end of June, and found that the device falls into the category of up to 10 thousand rubles, which is “in the market”.

It is interesting that in other markets XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y came with voice assistant Google Assistant, and the price column is about $ 200. At once, in Russia — less.

Columns with “Alice” in selling a few. The first device with voice assist. the company “Yandex” has released itself — its “Yandex. Station” is the same 10 thousand rubles, and the column LG. The differences between the devices are, most importantly, perhaps: in the column of “Yandex” is present HDMI, i.e. at desire the device can be used to broadcast video, connecting it to the screen. Another column with “Alice” with which I had the pleasure of meeting — Elari SmartBeat. It is available, costs about 6 thousand rubles. Well, about the money.

LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y. Photo: Marina Efendieva.

The LG immediately pointed out the main difference XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y from the others is sound. Responsible for it specialists from the British company Meridian manufacturing high-quality acoustics. In January 2017, Meridian and LG Electronics have signed a partnership agreement and since then are working together to create audio.

“Alice, turn on the music”

When connecting the speakers you want to install the application “Yandex” from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone (if it is not already installed). Next, select the device menu WK7Y, and then follow the prompts of the application to connect to WiFi. The whole process takes a couple of minutes. After that, you cheerfully greet Alisa. All she is now with you.

The first thing I wanted to test — the same sound that is touted in LG. This helped me a few hits of Queen, Madonna, and Tchaikovsky. We followed the column is switched to System Of A Down, but had to quickly go to children’s rhymes — testing joined the heir.

In General, to find fault with the sound is difficult — he’s consistently good. Not “Wow” but to create a mood during your stay in the kitchen — the most it. The bass is not lost; the middle is, leaders do not whistle. In General, all is well. If we talk about the other columns with “Alice”, the sound they are certainly not competitors WK7Y.

Happy music by “Alice”. First, she hears the team, even if you turn the song louder. Sometimes, of course, has to scream: “Alice!”, then she makes a sound Shh and listen to the speaker. Second, you can not get up from the couch to ask “Alice” put previous track, next track, to make it louder or quieter. I mean, you can use your voice instead of a remote. I think it’s convenient.

Together with column, the user automatically receives a subscription to “Yandex. Plus” for three months. It turned out that this is quite a nice bonus — you can not only listen to music through the speakers, but also to watch movies and TV shows with “IMDb” on other devices by signing in with your Yandex account. In the set of “buns”: discounts on taxi, free shipping from the marketplace “Yandex” and so on.

Controls LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y. Photo: Marina Efendieva.

Even good music can not only “Yandex”. Column supports Bluetooth connection, and then you can put the tracks from their collections in the usual streaming services I have are in Apple Music. By the way, when connected via Bluetooth, you can still give voice commands to “Alice”. It is an innovative solution LG.

Childhood friend and companion

XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y settled in my kitchen and it just fit into home life. All the household quickly learned to operate a virtual assistant for their own purposes.

One of the coolest features — reminders. You can just say: “Alice, remind me on Monday at 10 am call the doctor.” And she will remind you. Still very comfortable on the run to quit: “Alice, what’s the weather like?”, and not to go beyond the forecast to your phone. If you want before leaving the house to listen to the news, you might say, “Alice, turn on Business FM”.

Another column is useful for entertaining children. You can ask for “Alice” to put a story or a song to divert the child from the destruction of the flats or spikes for my mom. Older children may themselves interact with the “helper” and to obtain from her an anecdote, a story or a excerpt from Wikipedia.

However, unpleasant in dealing with “artificial intelligence” is also missing. For example, “Alice” often does not understand what they want from it, and rather silly jokes. The range of issues on which voice assistant can answer, is very limited. For example, when you request a weather forecast “Alice” will tell about the temperature of the air, cloudiness and rain, but to get an adequate response about the wind speed (and in Moscow in the last couple of weeks, it was very important) will not work.

Too bad: some of the tales included from the beginning — the kids are upset. And with the music algorithm “Yandex” guess not always: in the selection, allegedly created on the basis of the analysis of your preferences, it may be something completely unexpected.

Difficult column: review LG XBOOM AI ThinQ. Photo: Marina Efendieva.

In General, sometimes “Alice” frankly mad. But after living with “smart” column LG just a couple of weeks, it is hard to imagine that such a device. This is especially felt when Alisa suddenly stops. That had happened when someone pulled the plug column from the outlet. “Alice, how long it will take the path to the metro station “Dinamo”?” — I asked. And in response — silence. No, it is impossible to live. Better to let the stupid jokes.

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