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— The charge of the payments of the Motherland — a New bill could leave the Russians to travel abroad cards — New provisions of the law “About national payment system” can lead to the departure of international payment systems (IPS) of Russia. The requirements for their subsidiaries to ensure continuity of payments, there is an actual ban on the implementation of international sanctions in Russia, impossible for MPs.

— Deputy Chairman of the PFR integrated in corruption Official received small kickbacks in large contracts — Thursday, July 11, it became known about detention by employees of FSB and SKR Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Alexei Ivanov, who is suspected of bribery. According to investigators, the medium through which Mr. Ivanov received several million rubles, was a top Manager IT integrator Technoserv Alexei Kopeikin, acting on behalf of unidentified persons.

— To Sevastopol approached a new Chapter — the City of Russian naval glory changed the Governor — the Head of the Executive Committee of the Russian popular front (onf) Michael Razvozhaev was appointed acting Governor of Sevastopol. He had held the post Dmitry Ovsyannikov resigned at his own request. Respondents ‘ b ‘ experts are in a voice call expected the resignation of Mr. Ovsyannikov, who remained “outsiders” to Sevastopol groups, but different assessments of the prospects of Mr. Razvozhaeva, which his former colleagues described as “not a very public person” and “officials in all senses”.

— No passport and the bet — the Bookies will simplify the identification of customers, the Bookmaker hopes that the new identification rules in the admission rates will help the market to continue its growth even after a record 2018. By simplifying the procedure, the company hopes to attract customers of illegal online services and to increase revenue by 15-20% over the next year. Customers of foreign firms is still another benefit — they do not need to pay personal income tax on earnings, experts say.

Land tax requires clarification, the Authorities are beginning a reconciliation of data on segments of the citizens — As it became known””, till the end of the year on jointly with the Federal registration service, and the municipality will begin a campaign to clarify data about the land plots in respect of which it is now not charged land tax. According to the service, now in the country about 800 thousand such sites.

— 5G weighed on the scales of progress, the OECD has tried to assess the impact of the technological revolution — a New generation of wireless networks — 5G — will boost economic growth by increasing productivity and encouraging innovation and the development of new forms of competition in the telecommunications market, says the report of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

— Work prohibitions have limited the list — the Ministry of labour has reduced the number of private for women personnel prospects — the Ministry of labor has unveiled a new list of professions and jobs prohibited for women in Russia. It is four times smaller than the previous one, supported by the trade unions and employers and could enter into force in 2021. According to experts, the reason for the revision began as international requirements and activity of the workers themselves.

— OPEC’s share of inferior — monitoring of the oil market — OPEC has lowered the forecast of growth of production of countries outside the cartel, this year, 95 thousand barrels per day (b/d), to 2.05 million b/d. In the end, the average volume of these deliveries will be this year 64,43 million b/d. the Decrease was the result of the extension of the transaction OPEC+ for nine months.

Morales of the story is — What did the meeting of the President of Russia and the President of Bolivia — 11 July the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who two hours before this came to the students of the Russian University of friendship of peoples (RUDN) to obtain the long-awaited and hard-won even the robes and the hat of honorary doctor of PFUR.

— The right to an attorney entered in the budget — Russia found the money to pay for free protection — for the First time in the history of Russia approved by the Federation Council amendments to the budget-2019 separate line contains the work of solicitors. As before, the money “appointees” will be paid from the budgets of various departments of the Ministry of internal Affairs, SKR, judicial Department, etc.

— Instead of a terrorist found traces of Achenese Gochiyayev arrested again — As it became known “Kommersant”, which is 20 years in the international wanted list, the organizer of explosions of apartment houses in Moscow in 1999, Achemez gochiyaev got a personal lawyer. Last recently represented him in Lefortovo district court of Moscow, where the FSB has made regular absentee arrest Gochiyayev for two months — this time on charges of illegal possession of weapons. Caches with it security officials found in June of 2019 during one of the operations in the North Caucasus.

— Bakhchisarai “four” specified time — armed forces reduced to three months the verdict of the Crimean Tatars—members of “Hizb ut-Tahrir” — the Supreme court (SC) of the Russian Federation changed three months prison terms of Bakhchisarai “Quartet” — the Crimean Tatars, convicted of terrorism for periods ranging from 9 to 17 years for their participation in the Islamic organization “Hizb ut-Tahrir”. The lawyers demanded the cancellation of the sentence and called the case fabricated by religious and political reasons, but the court disagreed.

— Ukraine begins with a clean face, Adopted a new electoral code and may be amended in the law on lustration — the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new electoral code abolishing single-member districts: now the deputies will be elected only on open party lists. The changes will come into effect in 2023, so early elections, scheduled for July 21, will be held in accordance with the old code.

Pirates of the Strait of Hormuz — the West has accused Iran of recent attacks on tankers — an Attempt of detention of the British ship in the Strait of Hormuz has become the latest episode in the tanker war between Iran and its ideological enemies in the middle East and in the West. Incidents near Strait occur on the background of toughening of sanctions of Washington against Iran and counter Iranian threats to resume its nuclear program.

— Russia is preparing a response to the “moral war” In the Federation Council discussed the threat to the spiritual sovereignty of the country Against Russia conducted a large-scale “moral war”, to such conclusion came the members of the interim Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty. The roots of the events in Ukraine, in the Greek mount Athos or Georgia participants found “beyond the ocean”.

Chronicles the breakout and open?— The joint efforts of the state and society will allow to build the Federal register faster and cheaper task of the Government of the Russian Federation to establish by the year 2030 base 500 thousand potential bone marrow donor can be performed before and cheaper, than offers the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, if you connect to public procurement NCO registers. Claimed by the Responde in the analysis of the draft law of the Ministry of health about changes to the Federal law # 323 “On the fundamentals of health protection of citizens in Russia” and its explanatory note.

— Crimea is stepping up exports as well as tank — Who and what claims to Theodosia asset — Kommersant became known the details of negotiating the sale of the loss-of Feodosia tank farm in the Crimea, which nominally is one of the largest in Russia. According to interlocutors “Kommersant”, the main contender for the purchase of the asset from the authorities of the Crimea was a classmate of Russian President Vladimir Putin Victor Khmarin.

— Renewable debate — the Market can pay another 0.9 trillion for renewables — the Government renews a discussion about the support for green generation in Russia in the years 2025-2035. According to “Kommersant”, the Ministry of economy considered that the extension mechanisms to support the sector could cost the wholesale energy market in 0.9 trillion rubles.

System quick commissions — Raiffeisenbank will take 1.5% for transfers in SBP — System fast payments (SBP) may lose its attraction for the population, if banks establish the Commission for such transfers on the level of the card. The first sign was Raiffeisenbank, which is introduced since July a Commission of 1.5% for transfers in excess of 10 thousand rubles. per month. A number of players preparing to introduce to the Commission by September.

— The old pipe is extracted from waste energy trying to lift the ban on waste products — As it became known””, in opposition to the oil companies with pipe manufacturers for the use of the used pipes connected to the energy and largest contractor “Gazprom” — Gazstroyinnovatsiya. From 2017, these pipes are equivalent to the waste and recycling banned, which is beneficial to manufacturers of pipes, but means losses for oil companies.

— MTS will unfold in 360 degrees — the Operator will launch video — MTS launches broadcasts of concerts and mass events in the format 360 degrees. Promotion of such a service can encourage users to consume more traffic. But competitors MTS is not in a hurry with similar projects, considering that a full VR broadcast will be possible after the transition to the communication standard 5G.

Shareholders go to the online — Voting is becoming more and more electronic Recorders summed up the next season of annual meetings of shareholders. Statistics leaders of the market indicates a continuing trend towards reducing the number of meetings of the decrease in the total number of joint stock companies. There is explosive growth in popularity of electronic voting, in which market participants see the future of Registrar business.

— Mediation of the Executive power — the Reconciliation of the parties involved worked to the second reading — From is modified to the second reading of the bill on the improvement of conciliation procedures gone is the requirement to involve the hardware of the courts to the judicial conciliators. Also, under the new option agreement on the basis of the procedure proposed to give the Executive power.

— Chernozem freezes bread — Corporation Roman Trotsenko goes on the market catering — Kommersant became known the details of the project, which the AEON Corporation Roman Trotsenko intends to implement in located at Voronezh special economic zone (SEZ) “Center”. The businessman plans to place on 28 hectares the production of frozen bread cost about 3 billion rubles. the Products will be delivered in the retail network in the Central part of Russia.

Isabel marant will pridenet Myakinino — Shop fashion house will be opened in “Crocus” — Despite the falling incomes of Russians, the market for premium and luxury goods, though only slightly, but growing. This situation doesn’t scare some international fashion houses — they are ready to display their brands in Russia. So, Isabel Marant, where the average check is 60 thousand rubles., will open its first store in Moscow.

— Coffee exported overseas Network “Doubleb” enters the US market — Russian network of coffee houses “Doubleb” is planning to open over the next year up to ten institutions in the United States. The U.S. market is more Russian, and the solvency of population is higher than that of the Russians — this could arouse the interest of the owners of “Doubleb”. Problems can become a high Deposit for rent reaching $360 thousand, and the need to create a system of staff training.

— Healthy Tara — What threatens the manufacturers of plastic bags, a new policy of trade networks is One of the latest trends in the Russian retail — avoiding the use of disposable plastic bags. In struggle for the consumer, which began to impose strict requirements for compliance with environmental standards, retailers have almost completely abandoned the issue free plastic bags at the tills and promoting alternative packaging.

— “Retailers don’t want to show the amount of waste” — Dmitry Nesterov, a coordinator of the project “Zero waste”, “Greenpeace of Russia” On measures to combat plastic waste, “Kommersant” said the coordinator of the project “Zero waste”, “Greenpeace of Russia” Dmitry Nesterov.

— “Among the largest networks no offers free packages” — Sergey Belyakov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of retailers — When retailers in Russia is completely unable to refuse plastic bags, “Kommersant” said the Chairman of Presidium of Association of companies of retail trade Sergey Belyakov.


Every second Russian businessman is preparing for the worst — Invest only those who have nowhere else to invest 71% of businesses believe the business environment in Russia is unfavourable, the sociologists of the VTsIOM state. The business is forced to focus on risks, not opportunities, it leads to a narrowing of the planning horizon and the abandonment of the game long-term.

— Banks and payment systems mass update the payment terms cards this summer — What kind of operations will allow to receive increased cashback including abroad — the Market of Bank cards of the Moscow region have exhausted growth opportunities by attracting new customers, say bankers. Further growth is possible only due to the competition for the existing customer base, said the Director of Department of retail products ICD Alexei Korsin, so banks are actively “adjust the conditions of card products based on new realities”.

— Putin proposed the third Governor of Sevastopol for five years — Ovsyannikov did not fit into the complex political realities of the city — President Vladimir Putin on Thursday dismissed Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, the official website of the Kremlin. The initiative on early termination of powers came from the very Ovsyannikova, follows from the decree of the President.

Opposition ready to protest in case of non-admission to elections to the Moscow city Duma, the Decision on who to refuse to register, will be purely political, they believe on Saturday it will be known who of the candidates from the non-systemic opposition will not allow the fall elections to the Moscow city Duma: to this day the election Commission should complete the verification of signatures collected by independent candidates and candidates from non-parliamentary parties. Only the signature was able to collect 19 non-systemic candidates.

Volkswagen asked to link state aid with the localization — the German automaker has committed to invest in Russia 61.5 billion the Volkswagen Group (VW) is offering the Russian government to differentiate the system of access to state support of automobile industry. The size of the state subsidies should depend on the level of localization of cars and components of each specific carmaker, said the German carmaker.

— Infrastructure projects are often faced with public discontent — the Problem is not the inability to explain, in a systemic crisis of confidence — the Number of judicial disputes, attempts to terminate the concession agreement or simply freeze infrastructure projects public-private partnership (PPP) is growing. This is due to the information risk due to the spread, concealment or distortion of information about the project, according to a review of “Hyperion” and You & Partners with the support of “Infrastructure of the club” and the Higher school of Economics.

Investors supported the plan of the opposition of Venezuela to restructure the debt, But Russia and China must act in General terms, they insist, the Largest group of foreign creditors — the bondholders of Venezuela as a whole approved the proposals which have recently introduced opposition, led by Juan Guido, President of the national Assembly. But they believe that China and Russia should share the burden of restructuring equally with private creditors, even if the negotiations with Beijing and Moscow will be conducted separately.

Whether Apple’s new gadgets — Apple design Chief jony Ive went to do their own business Ive created the Apple design of everything: gadgets, packaging, interior shop, and even the headquarters of the company. He was afraid that Steve jobs will kick him out into the street. And the upshot was that jobs, before his death he called Ive second person in the company — after himself, of course.

Gazprom sacrifices export revenue for the sake of the share of the European market — Company multiples increased gas sales via the electronic trading platform “Gazprom” continues to increase gas sales to Europe via the electronic trading platform (ETP). Only on Wednesday they have exceeded 405 million cubic meters — for comparison: in January there was an average of about 30 million cubic meters per day.

— Mail.ru may move headquarters in “Moscow-city” — the Transaction with Usmanov and Malisa may become the largest in the history of the Russian rental market Mail.ru Group negotiating with the structures of Oleg Malis and Alisher Usmanov about renting space in the complex, which they are building in the business center “Moscow-city” (section No. 20), told “Vedomosti” three consultants, who worked with both sides of the potential transaction.

Apple denied trademark for augmented reality in Russia — It was too similar to trademarks “Airports of regions” — Rospatent denied Apple registration in Russia trademark for augmented reality technology (augmented reality, AR) — the decision of the Chamber on patent disputes published in late June. The Agency pointed out that Russia already has similar confusingly trademarks.

— TFR opened a criminal case on violation of safety rules in the CHP in Mytishchi — the fire on the pipeline near the station a man was killed, and 13 wounded on Thursday in the village Chelobitevo municipal district of Mytischi was a fire on the gas pipeline supplying gas to the “North power plant” (CHP-27 belongs to the “Mosenergo” “Gazprom energoholding”).

— Evraz and “Severstal” have teamed up for online trading — Severstal uses a wide network of warehouses Evraz — Severstal Alexey Mordashov and Evraz of Roman Abramovich and partners have started joint sales, said the company representatives. Their project “Online showcase” made last week on the basis of the Internet-shop of “Severstal”.

— Detention of the Deputy Chairman of the RPF and the Manager Technoserv’s can be linked — VTB considers a consequence around the integrator, the result of his past management — 11 July it became known about detention of the Chairman of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Alexei Ivanov. After media reports citing sources, the detention was confirmed by the “RIA Novosti” the head of Fund Anton Drozdov: “On suspicion on charges of bribery”.

— As students from Zelenograd launched Russia’s first production 3D printers in the Russian market it is not enough, they rush abroad — In 2010 the students of the Moscow Institute of electronic technology, Andrey Isupov and Maxim Anisimov has decided to construct for the thesis of bachelor six-fingered robot spider.


— River in the hands of ordinary people help to survive the Volga river — the Volga basin lives a third of the population. And increasingly, it is from the banks of our beloved river, worrying reports. Volga shallow, it dumped tons of industrial and domestic waste, including chemical production, and hundreds of sunken ships interfere with navigation. The situation is complicated by the fact that the river has already exhausted its ability cleanse itself. Now these problems have been added and the spring flood that brought less melt water than usual.

— He prescribed worked — a New initiative: it is proposed to Supplement the mandatory work list of punishment for fictitious registration. The owners of “rubber apartments” will be able to make amends to society in useful work in their free time. A similar bill introduced in the state Duma.

— Behind the wheel — passport — will there be e driver’s license In Russia, you may receive e-driving license. That is, drivers not required to carry a laminated paper version of the right.

— Do not go to Prison for the First time in the famous detention facility has a video surveillance — the peculiarities of modern service some and forced others stay in the walls of the old prison of the castle, about how, despite the surrounding hype, it is possible to provide the highest level of security, and other issues in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said the head of Butyrka Colonel of internal service Sergei Telyatnikov.

— These Indians President Vladimir Putin held talks with Evo Morales, the Presidents of Russia and Bolivia held talks in the Kremlin, after which Vladimir Putin has declared to journalists that thinks of the proposal of the head of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the new format for meetings involving not only France and Germany but also the United States and great Britain.

— New front of work — Michael Razvozhaev was appointed acting head of the Sevastopol — the President dismissed from the post of Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, at his request. Acting head of the region appointed the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Mikhail Razvozhaev.

— Fighting spirit — the Senators will study the technology of “moral wars” — the Temporary Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of the state sovereignty of Russia in the coming months, intends to study attempts of interference in the internal Affairs of the country by discrediting Christianity and traditional moral values of the Russians.

Paper could not stand, the Documents will be electronic — Employers and employees exempt from the personnel paperwork — labor and collective bargaining agreements, contract liability and other documents related to the organization of the labor process in the company, will be electronic.

— One missile system — In the state Duma discussed the threats to strategic stability — In the state Duma discussed the threats to strategic stability — in the discussion, in addition to deputies, was attended by the representatives of the foreign Ministry and the Russian General staff, recognized experts. Russia, as emphasized by the participants, set up a dialogue, but starts to prepare for the deployment of American intermediate-range missiles.

— Unbind from the Bank — Passed a law for the suppression of “salary slavery” — the state Duma adopted in the third reading of a government initiative to combat “salary slavery”. Employers that prevent employees in self-selecting a payroll the Bank will face penalties.

The money will pay during the term of the Cabinet of Ministers simplifies the process of repayment of debt on a salary — the Government expands the powers of labour inspectors to employers faster to repay debts on wages.

— Counted — the constitutional court has explained when the law is retroactive, the constitutional court allowed leniency on criminal charges for tax evasion, which became possible after the entry into force of the new wording of article 199 of the criminal code. After the list of payments got insurance contributions, a collision occurred, which the CPC was allowed by Ordinance.

— Figures has set a goal of Innovative programmes in the region will receive Federal support — By 2024 business to invest in the development of the digital economy should increase by three times — up to 5 percent of GDP, has set the task the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

— Repulsed fire Rescue extinguished a large fire near one of the largest CHP suburbs — Near one of the largest plants of the Moscow region — ТЭЦ27, located near the city of Mytishchi, the pipeline exploded. The first message to the remote operations duty MOE enrolled at 11.11 am. Immediately on the scene arrived several fire calculations.

— Showed the weakness of the dollar fell below 63 rubles to the dollar at the end of the main session of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on Thursday dipped below $ 63 rubles. The strengthening of the Russian currency was influenced by mainly external factors, the potential for its future growth looks limited.

— This is a turn — off Where there are cameras on the roads of the capital?— This week, the Center for organization of traffic (TSODD) of Moscow has published the addresses of the locations of all the cameras fotovideofiksatsii on the capital’s roads. Drivers can now find out where these points of control, and not be afraid to “bump” on the penalty.

The weather the price Storm good news supported the oil market Over the last month of the 11 OPEC member States that participate in the transaction on the regulation of oil production, exceeded its terms by almost a quarter (had to reduce production to 812 thousand barrels per day, but actually reduced by a million barrels).

— Sentence shot after the assassination — How destroyed a successful construction company In Rostov-on-don a few years stretches the investigation of the attempt on businessman Yuri Camber. And while investigators establish and bring to trial all participants of the crime, the entrepreneur may lose his assets.

Looking for discounts — the Average bill for one trip to the store increased by three rubles For a month, a hike of Russians in the store went up by three rubles. On average, they spent 556 rubles.

— Car — place — Experts have calculated how a change in the price of Parking Price of Parking spaces in the underground or above-ground Parking in new buildings increased in price by 2.7 percent and amounted to 775,2 thousand rubles, the study showed “Craigslist real Estate”. Among the 16 cities decreased price tag only two. In other cars has risen, and in some cities more than a quarter.

— Generally clean plates — the Ministry of agriculture has developed a draft law on environmental products, the Ministry of agriculture has developed a draft law on ecologically clean agricultural products. The document regulates the production, storage, transport, labelling and implementation of such products, raw materials and food. Producers of “green” products will be included in the unified state register and will be entitled to place on the packaging special labeling of a single sample, which will ensure the traceability of products at all stages of production.

— Advance payment from the maid — of Foreign workers waiting for a new payment — Experts of the Russian MIA and representatives of the scientific community discussing the issue of possible introduction for foreign workers of a new kind of payments. We are talking about those so-called self-employed foreign workers hired by individuals doing work around the house, at the cottage etc.

— No money, no accomplices — a Former banker was sentenced for embezzlement — the Ostankino district court of Moscow for seven years was sent to jail the former head of the Bank Eurocommerce 41-year-old Irina Sabrina. The prison term she received for embezzling 3.3 billion rubles. The punishment serving in a colony of General regime.

Plastic came into fashion — Clothes from recycled materials is gaining popularity In the world gaining popularity of clothing made from recycled materials. In Russia still very few people willing to wear clothes made from recycled materials if to ask about this, but many people already wear these clothes, without even knowing it.

The waves did not give In Crimea resguardar saved 23 people Sadly could end the vacation in the Crimea for two dozen people. A sudden strong wind raised a wave more than two metres. It came as a surprise to few tourists on pedalos and kayaks.

— The folder “D” wins — how the poles saved Russians, who have removed their children from Sweden, was told by his lawyer — a Polish court ruled to deny the Swedish law enforcement authorities in the extradition of Russian Denis Lisova and his daughters, which he smuggled out of Sweden. This is a happy ending to a tragic story of three Russian girls, who — by their parents — were placed in foster Muslim family, and their loved and loving father was forced to break the law to get his children.

— The battle at the gate — the Resignation of the British Ambassador in the United States, the President of the country publicly called “a jerk” and “snobby nerd” — another amazing story that makes you wonder about the fate of diplomacy in the modern world.

— The feast of Belshazzar — the French Minister organized a feast on a budget money — In France, a scandal erupted in the center of which was a prominent representative of the current ruling elites. We are talking about the Minister of ecology, sustainable development and energy, françois de Rugy, previously held the post of Chairman Natssobraniya, the lower house of Parliament.

— “Ze” is the retinue of Advisors of the President of Ukraine do not conceal their Russophobia — the Falling ratings of the party “servant of the people” (SN) force the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky be active. Here is a brief description of the presidential environment: on an empty place started a nasty argument with the mayor of Boryspil, promising to incite the inhabitants elected official security Service (SBU); has signed the decree about the opening of the tourist zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

— Do not Wake a sleeping tourist — Like in July has changed the life of the Russian regions — In July, doctors in Bashkiria have started to pay bonuses for early diagnosis of cancer. And in the Crimea began to be fined for loud songs of the sea. In other regions, in the evening rose buses, has introduced fines for Parking, and the cottagers changed the rules on the water.

Silence puppies — Russia will have a list of dangerous breeds of dogs In the near future in the country may see a list of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs. This will impose a number of restrictions on the owners of these animals. In the Russian Federation Cynologique fear that the list could fall, and animals such as the Caucasian Ovcharka, Moscow watchdog, Russian black Terrier, said the head of the RKF Vladimir Golubev.

— Good hands — Boarding schools of Moscow are waiting for the volunteers of Moscow in the name of welfare of the city where their help, care and communication needed by the people. While all of the volunteers in psycho-neurological boarding schools and boarding houses for veterans of work not built, but the city authorities have decided to interest the leaders of social institutions were to take his help.

— The house swayed In Kamchatka residential building did not survive climate change — 12-room apartment house in the village Ayanka Penzhina district, Kamchatskiy Krai went to waves because of the extreme heat, melt the top layer of permafrost.

— Victor Maleev in the hospital and at home — Why in some countries, started a measles epidemic — Our conversation today is about measles, which in some countries is becoming an epidemic. And, Yes, perhaps, not only in our country, more about it know all the infectious disease academician Victor Maleev, Advisor to the Director of the Institute of epidemiology for scientific work.

To be born in the right place — Why is it necessary to close small maternity hospitals In 2018 in Russia declared the decade of childhood. Set a goal for 2024 to reduce the infant mortality rate to 4.5 ppm (4.5 children per thousand). How to achieve this? This was told by chief freelance neonatologist of the MoH of Russia, rector of Saint-Petersburg state pediatric medical University, doctor of medical Sciences Dmitry Ivanov.

— White heat-the move — “Wave of health” allows you to help sick children in the best centers of the country — the Current 14 health of the all-Russian campaign “Wave of health”, which helps sick children will be held from 2 to 11 September. The ship “Vasiliy Chapaev” with leading experts of the Federal medical centers will travel on the route: Moscow, Dubna, Rybinsk, ples, Kineshma, Nizhniy Novgorod, Murom, Ryazan, Kolomna, Moscow. All examinations and consultations are free of charge. Before the start of the action is still a lot of time, and the organizing Committee of the League started preparing now. Why?


— First call: Moscow and Kiev are preparing for the gestures of goodwill — the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky finally talked to Moscow and Kiev in the near future to show gestures of goodwill in the exchange of detained persons. this “Izvestia” said a source in the Russian diplomatic circles, familiar with the negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky.

— Prokhorovka as it is — attempts to create an alternate reality in the history of the great Patriotic war — it is Always strange to read an “alternative investigative journalism” with their pathos “finally, we tell you the real horrible truth”. Especially on military history. The acclaimed editor’s note the historical section of the respected German newspaper Die Welt, Mr Kellerhoff time.

— The ruble Russia will increase in international lending by $1 billion Program intergovernmental loans may become the largest in the last five years — Russia for five months of 2019 funded from the budget of a foreign government by 79 billion rubles, and the program of issuing loans increased from 236 billion, as anticipated in the beginning of the year to 293 billion rubles, follows from the data of the Federal Treasury and the budget amendments.

— People with Federal loan bonds: national bonds will begin to sell the Next batch of securities in the amount of 30 billion rubles, the Finance Ministry plans to release in September in September of this year, the Ministry of Finance finally released the people’s bonds (OFZ-n) according to the new rules — with the most favorable conditions for the population. The volume may be 30 billion rubles.

Front of work — the Acting Governor of Sevastopol appointed head of the Executive Committee of the onf — the New head of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev can get rid of the prefix “acting” only in September 2020, as the stage of nomination of candidates for participation in the gubernatorial election is already over. This “Izvestia” said the CEC. Michael Razvozhaev heading before the Executive Committee of the popular front, sent to the region is released from the post of Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov. This resignation was expected, and from the new head waiting for the consolidation of supporters and opponents of its predecessor, according to respondents “known” experts.

— Combine and conquer — the Deputy head of the FIU Alexey Ivanov could lead at least another 17 companies yesterday Detained the Deputy head of the FIU Alexey Ivanov could be the head at least 17 commercial organizations and not less than 10 of them to be a beneficiary.

— Misty court: Wyszynski can be released from custody July 15 — Protection of the journalist on Monday will require to change the measure of restraint — Kirill Vyshinsky July 15 can go free. This “Izvestia” said the defense chief editor of “RIA Novosti Ukraine”.

— Moved acquiring: share of card payments in stores for the first time more than 50% Often using “plastic” is calculated the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tyumen, the Share of purchases paid by cards for the first time exceeded 50%. The statistics of the operator’s fiscal data, “Taxco”, with which acquainted “Izvestia”. In June of this year the share of card transactions reached 54%, while in 2018 this figure was 46% and in 2017 — 40%. Most Russians are paying with “plastic” at the gas station, sport and perfume shops.

— Financial literacy: banks will not allow you to introduce clients to confusion — With the participation of the Central Bank has developed a standard against unscrupulous sales inproducts — Banks and financial companies will be more difficult to impose their products to consumers as well as to fool them. A joint working group of NSMA and NAUFOR, with the participation of the Central Bank has developed and during the week will introduce the internal standard, which sets sales requirements.

— Came the talk — Why the fire in Mytishchi did not lead to the outage — the cause of the fire on the gas pipeline supplying the fuel to the North CHP Mytishchi, could be negligence. This “Izvestia” said a source at one of the emergency services in the capital. According to others, the fire that claimed the life of one man, occurred due to pipe wear.

— Nuisance law: drivers were more likely to refuse payment of traffic fines — the Amount of outstanding “letters of happiness” has increased by 3.5 million the Number of orders unpaid traffic fines increased for five months in 2019 3.5 million compared to the same period in 2018 and reached 22.4 million, Respectively, and increased the number of defaulters. This “Izvestia” said the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSSP) of Russia.

Star wave: “Spektr-RG” will see the Universe in x-rays — the carrier Rocket “proton-M” with a space Observatory launched from Baikonur July 13 — Space Observatory “Spektr-RG” will conduct an in depth study of space, through which it is planned to find the answer to one key question: how did the formation of the largest objects in the Universe — clusters of galaxies.

— Beguiled EU: Brussels will not be able to revive trade with Tehran Promised the European Union a mechanism INSTEX to bypass us sanctions on Iran still has not started to work — the European Union is not yet able to fulfill the requirement of Iran and to restore trade relations with him. This “Izvestia” said a source in the European diplomatic circles.

— Light head: the new microscope will allow you to see the work of nei?Ron — Russian development will help in creating effective cures of cognitive impairment In Russia developed the device under the working name “the dragon.” It allows to visualize the processes occurring in the brain of laboratory animals. After the introduction of the mice a fluorescent solution, the scientists put them in a cell, where by means of the laser may cause fluorescence that emit certain neurons and other brain cells in the process of activity.

RBC daily

— The Central Bank goes into voluntary failure — the Regulator proposes to delay the start of the reform of the pension as he considers the full voluntary participation of the population in IPK is meaningless.

— The head of Sevastopol surrendered to the popular front — the Russian President has accepted the resignation of the head of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. In his place was appointed the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Mikhail Leonid Razvozzhayev. Significant role in the change of the Governor was played by Alexey Chaly, sources say RBC.

— How healthy is the Chancellor to continue?— Over the past three weeks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel three times had fits of the strong tremors in public. Their causes are still not known. What you write about the Western, including German media at RBC.

— Ultra-lost integrity — the Pro-European parties did not allow the ultra-right politicians to lead, none of the committees of the European Parliament. This may play into the hands of populists, giving weight to their statements about the lack of EU democracy.

— Don Gao chooses Russian drills — Corporation POSITEC Chinese billionaire Dong Gao may buy a brand of power tools “INTERSKOL”. The opportunity to invest in the company, the fate of which had puzzled even the assistant to the President Andrei Belousov, studies and RDIF.

— The court returned to the original data — the Moscow Arbitration court resumed its consideration of the claim “In touch” against the use of the information on users of social networks for commercial purposes. In Russia is not regulated turnover data, and companies involved with the collection and analysis becomes more and more.

— The fed helped to win three rubles — the savings Bank has improved the forecast of the ruble for the year 2019, the reasons for this see and the Russian direct investment Fund. But most economists are not so optimistic in their expectations for the Russian currency.

We are not competing in the predictions with monkeys — Partner of one of the most famous accelerators in the world Robert Neivert told why investors years investing in unprofitable projects and explained why they did not believe in the bubble “unicorns”, and called the technological sphere, in which interest waned.

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