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— Kurt Volker fell in the resignation — Dismissal of the special representative of the USA to Ukraine has created a new uncertainty in Washington, Moscow and Kiev — the Conflict around the US President Donald trump that erupted after the publication of his conversation with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, claimed the first victim in the resignation of the US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker.

Data clean up reports — Approved the concept of Rosstat on the digital reform of statistical observation — the Presidium of the government Commission for digital development at its meeting on Saturday approved prepared by Rosstat, the concept of Digital analytical platforms (DAC) providing statistical data.

— “Ether” disappeared from nutsprogramme — Russian competitor OneWeb are not interested in investors — a Project to create a global multifunctional satellite infocommunication systems (HMISS) “Ether”, which was supposed to compete with British American OneWeb and SpaceX in the field covering the planet with broadband Internet, decided to exclude from nutsprogramme “Digital economy”.

— iPhone went bad in color — the Most expensive models in Russia immediately became the most scarce Company Apple has completely sold out in Russia iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max iPhone and iPhone 11 green and purple flowers, delivery of these devices from the official online store of the Corporation will take from two to four weeks.

— The first drug insurance in the budget for the Regions will receive a grant to issue their patients with cardiovascular disease — the first time the Government has laid the draft of the Federal budget subsidy for the payment of drug costs to patients who have suffered strokes and heart attacks.

— The mortgage has not met expectations — Grown rates have impeded the fulfilment of the housing national project — Ministry of construction and Ministry of Finance prepare a draft report to Vladimir Putin about necessity of adjustment of indicators of the national project “Housing and the urban environment” — in terms of mortgage lending.

— The tax age and even gender balance — Monitoring of staff — tax Average worker in developed and developing countries of the world is a woman-auditor of middle age, follows from the study of tax administrations, the Organisation for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

“We kind of got used to that 30 days of arrest have become a common thing” — In Moscow held a rally demanding freedom for detainees in cases linked to protests on Sunday in Moscow on Sakharov Avenue was the meeting allowed “leave it!” demand the release of defendants in criminal cases related to the summer protests.

— The President’s address entered in the budget For their hearing in the Parliament is allocated 217,5 million rubles for three years — the President’s address to the Federal Assembly in the next three years will cost the Russian budget in additional 217,5 million rubles, follows from the explanatory notes to the Russian budget for the years 2020-2022.

— The General overheard the drinking — Accused on charges of bribery in the TFR has reviewed the evidence of the FSB — As it became known””, the FSB accused of taking bribes in the amount of $1 million to former high-ranking members of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Drymanov, Alex Kramarenko and Mikhail Maksimenko acquainted with the materials of their criminal case.

Spy case was separated for medical reasons — Victor Kudryavtsev has him go under, his student extended the arrest — As it became known “Kommersant”, the Moscow city court (MGS) has recognized the legitimate extension until the beginning of November of the term of arrest of an employee of the Central research Institute of machine building (TsNIIMash, included in the “Roskosmos”) Roman Kovalev.

A billion did not reach the homes of the Former security guard of Telman Ismailov is on trial for embezzlement of funds shareholders — As it became known””, in the Istrinsky city court of Moscow region has started consideration on the substance of criminal case about cheating investors to construct six houses worth nearly 1 billion rubles.

— Emmanuel macron immigrates to the right — the French Parliament will “come in large numbers” — the immigration Bill, or rather its restriction will be discussed on Monday in the National Assembly, and on 2 October will be forwarded to the Senate.

Is anarchive — On the “Valdai” will tell you how to live in conditions of total trolling — 30 September in Sochi will host the annual forum of the international discussion club “Valdai”.

— The contractor got out of the train — change the owner of “Spectrastream” — the Former Deputy head of the Ministry Yury reylyan, who owned one of the largest contractors of OJSC RZD “Spectrastream”, and through him the “Transyuzhstroy”, ceased to be their owner.

— Tenants moving out from the center, shopping streets of Moscow became more vacant premises — the Reluctance of owners of premises of street retail concessions forcing tenants to renew contracts.

Water transport remained sitting on two chairs — the Rosmorrechflot will be a separate leader — Deputy Minister of transport and head of Rosmorrechflot can be separated.

Loss contacted is a Subsidiary Bank of VEB has set a record — VEB.Russia continues to prepare the subsidiary Bank to transfer the balance of PSB.

— Funds learned about the refuseniks — FIU delay began to inform the NPF on failed transfers — non-state pension funds (NPF) have started to get information about who applied for the transition, but eventually refused from this idea.

Russian stocks soared on drones, International investors are changing — September was the first year a successful month in terms of inflow of foreign investments in Russia.

Brokers will bend under the weight of the reports of the Company suffering losses due to the growth of the regulatory burden — the Profitability of the brokerage business is falling despite the increasing number of customers.

Gold slightly open the border — Mining companies will facilitate the export of precious metals — Gold mining companies and refineries can obtain the right to issue a General license to export gold bullion and silver is one-time — relevant amendments was prepared by the Ministry of industry.

— “Quadro” fined in installments — the Company has extended payments for the failure to enter TPP — As it became known “Kommersant”, “Quadra” agreed with the “market Council” (the regulator of energy markets) a scheme of installment payment of fines for delay of input of new power units.

— Financiers have supported investors — by Offering his version of their skills — financial experts have spoken out against the new draft law on categorisation of investors.

— “Zarubezhneft” can get in Oman — Company claims on a small shelf unit in the country — As it became known “Kommersant”, “Zarubezhneft” carries on negotiations with the authorities of Oman on the entry into oil and gas projects in the country, including in offshore block 8.

— The Ministry of culture will report for movie — the Government will reveal information about the state of films the Ministry of culture and the cinema Fund will launch an open database containing information about the volume of public investment in the production of films and their success at the box office.

— BAT not to evade taxes — Ministry of Finance supported FNS in a dispute with the tobacco companies — the third manufacturer of cigarettes in Russia British American Tobacco (BAT) has little chance to challenge the claim of Federal tax service (FNS) to a record of RUB 46.5 billion.

— “Basis” divided MainStreet Group found co-investors for a new project — Trying to reduce Bank lending in their development projects, the group “the Basis” Alexander Ruchyev continues to attract funds from outside investors


— The popularity of Sunday rally in Moscow does not allow to speak about the end of the protests — Any wrong move of the authorities may again blow up the situation, experts said Sunday the campaign “Let go!” in support of the defendants in the “Moscow business”, according to the project “White counter”, gathered on Sakharov Avenue 25 200 people.

— UN asked to deal with “Assembly-line justice” in Moscow — in the Course of consideration of cases about the summer protests confirmed the dependence of the courts on the authorities, according to human rights defenders is an international human rights group “Agora” has addressed to the UN special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers in connection with court decisions made against participants of peaceful demonstrations in Moscow in July — August 2019.

MPs will ask the foreign Ministry to deprive Deutsche Welle accreditation in Russia, the special Commission concluded that the Agency could call on citizens to protest the Commission of the state Duma asks foreign Ministry to consider the issue of deprivation of the German information Agency Deutsche Welle accreditation in Russia.

— Ministry of economic development together with experts will discuss decriminalization Proposals related to articles in high-profile cases — Monday, September 30, the Ministry will discuss with experts how to change criminal and Criminal-procedural codes (criminal code and criminal procedure code) to conduct business in Russia has become less risky.

Officials figured out how to lower the rate mortgage — the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, Ministry of economic development and the House.Russia developed the road map of the market of mortgage bonds — Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, Ministry of economic development and the House.Russia has completed work on the road map of the mortgage bond market — it has 14 items, you need to pass them before the end of 2020, 20 Sep approved by the first Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

Putin’s classmate may be called to subsidiary liability for the Bank — Requirements associated with the collapsed “OFK Bank” and can reach 30 billion roubles, — One of creditors of a bankrupt Bank “joint financial capital” (OFC) — Mordovian Regionstroyinkom, OOO (RCI), filed a claim on bringing to the vicarious liability of the former Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of 25% shares of the Bank, a classmate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the partner of lawyer Bureau “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasev and partners” Nikolay Egorov.

Guiding 10 years BP Bob Dudley may leave his post — In that time the company managed to recover from the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and enter into the capital “Rosneft”. Care Dudley will not change the status quo in state-owned companies, experts say — Bob Dudley, CEO of BP, is preparing to resign, according to Sky News.

— Wildberries will spend EUR 200 million on the logistics centre in Europe Company will start access to the European market with Slovakia Online retailer Wildberries plans to build a logistics center in Slovakia to enter the European markets, said Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov and the founder of Wildberries Tatiana Bakalchuk, has transferred “RIA Novosti”.

— The Ministry of agriculture proposes to burn confiscated cigarettes, So the Ministry wants to clear them from the market — the Ministry of agriculture proposes to destroy all confiscated tobacco products.

— “Freedom Finance” can buy another one broker — She has applied for the purchase of “Zerich capital”. In 2018, she joined “Nettreyder” Investment company “freedom Finance” FAS filed a petition for purchase of 100% stake in the broker following entities September 20, reported on the website of the service.

— Officials and auto industry have agreed upon the principles for the allocation of 300 billion rubles — They argue about payment of the utilization fee on vehicles — the Government is in no hurry to change the principle payment of the utilization fee on cars.

European countries are abandoning coal in favor of other energy sources — This will lead to further reduction of Russian export coal to Western — thermal coal Reserves in the largest ports of Europe are growing, as consumers prefer a more clean gas, reported Bloomberg on September 27.


— Cell — society — What is the future Bank customer, if Russia will impose negative rates on foreign currency deposits — a Discussion about the introduction in Russia of negative interest rates on foreign currency deposits goes to a new level. The idea was supported by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

— Please do not speak of the Ministry of internal Affairs suggests to enter responsibility for insulting police in the Internet To the Law “On police” will be amended to protect employees and interior Ministry as a whole from the spread “damaging information” on the Internet.

The school will add a floor — the Ministry has changed the rules of design of social facilities — the Ministry of construction amended the regulations concerning the design of social facilities. From now on an opportunity to build a five-story school.

— Who will warm the Arctic — Russia’s security Council proposes to resume the military channel of communication between the Arctic countries About Russia and the United States managed to agree today on Arctic issues. Will there be a renewed interaction between the General staff of the Arctic countries.

— Kids in the net — Series “#Dетки” will help to find common language with representatives of different generations — Project #Dетки stood out from the whole program of the second festival of the series Pilot, where a few days ago he made his Russian Premier.

Projects on schedule — Vyacheslav Volodin met with voters in the Saratov region — the Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin met with residents of his constituency in the Saratov region and inspected the construction of social facilities.

— Dawn of the East, and the world In Sochi opens the XVI meeting of the “Valdai” — continued Western civilization is the legislator of global trends? Or maybe that her role is now a thing of the past under pressure from the growing influence of the East? These and many other questions to be discussed by the experts in the framework of the XVI annual meeting of the International discussion club “Valdai” opened in Sochi.

Berlin was worried — In the state Duma urged to revoke the accreditation of Deutsche Welle in Russia — the Duma Commission on the investigation of foreign interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation has established that the German media company Deutsche Welle has really violated the law. This was confirmed by linguistic expertise.

— To find the business — Dmitry Medvedev: Small business is able to provide work for 50 percent of Russians — a Small business should provide jobs to half of employed population in the country, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

— Amendment to the digital Smart services embedded in the housing — finished In Kazan the all-Russia competition “Digital breakthrough” presidential platform “Russia — country of opportunities”. The competition was in the Guinness Book of records.

Without the need for a paper — Confirming experience with 2020 do not have to — next year the Russians will not have to provide when applying for the provision of public services a paper document on labour activity and the seniority. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova at a meeting of the Russian tripartite Commission on regulation socially-labour relations (RTK).

— Intervened in its purest form — the conference on security condemned the detention of the Russophile crimson at the international conference On security and cooperation in Kaliningrad with the participation of thirty member States of the OSCE adopted an appeal against detention in Bulgaria a public figure and Chairman of the National movement “Russophiles” Nicholas crimson on charges of espionage.

— Windows mail — the Regulations in place post offices will review for the first time in nearly forty years In Russia is going to abandon the rules of placement of post offices adopted in the twentieth century.

— SNILS changed the format — Changed the list of documents for the device to work — Paper SNILS (insurance number of individual Ledger account) were replaced by the electronic document.

— Forest stew together — Fires reached a global level — All the environmental information should be accumulated in one place so this data could advantage anyone, and the rules of the different countries did not differ from each other. Other way in the age of globalization can not be, environmentalists believe.

— A fine without a machine — GAI does not consider the violations identified by using the “Assistant of Moscow” — the police can’t stand penalties in automatic mode for the violations identified by the citizens and sent using the software for smartphones “Assistant of Moscow”.

— A couple with “five” Heavy UAV “Hunter” for the first time tested in tandem with the fighter of the fifth generation su-57 — the Latest military heavy UAV “Hunter” conducted its first joint test the RAID in the sky with a plane-leader su-57.

— With new lines — In the Kaluga region opened a modern garment factory — the Planting of cherry garden in the pouring rain, and only then did the ceremonial cutting of the symbolic ribbon. And all accompanied by the exquisite music of the orchestra Butman that seems to emphasize everything luxury. Such was the opening of the industrial Park “Kaluga-Yug” modern high-tech production complex of the “Manufacture Bosco”.

Riyadh gives visa — Saudi Arabia opens its doors to visitors in Saudi Arabia first began to issue tourist visas.

— Who are the coins from Greta?— Why Western leaders are afraid to criticize a 16-year-old activist — One of the most striking symbols of the past in new York, the 74th session of the UN General Assembly became not policy, and 16-year-old Greta Thunberg.

— Apples for Chirac — France says goodbye to ex-President To the house in the street of Tournon, near the Luxembourg garden, where last years lived by the former French President Jacques Chirac with his family, and then fit the Parisians, and not only.

— Officers of-all-trades — 30 young military will teach the skills of special forces — Sniper to hit targets of all kinds of modern weapons, it easy to overcome any obstacle, be it mountain or water, as well as to control not only the car but the ATV, and a motorboat, and military equipment decided to train Russian officers.

— The test of nature — “elk island” awaits guests In the national Park “elk island” with special conservation status, let the tour bus and opens an unusual nature trail for walking barefoot.

— Fume, but beware — Smoking on balconies from October 1, does not prohibit — In the EMERCOM of Russia officially confirmed that from 1 October Smoking on balconies ban will not.

— Military card in the tent — the Soldier will start in the circus free, an unusual project is now working in the Russian defense Ministry and Russian state circus company. They are going to enter into a contract under which the military Department will help to restore regional recreational center, and in gratitude to the military personnel allowed to visit the circus for free.

— With joy! Most of the clergy of the Western European parishes of the Russian tradition joined the ROC on Saturday it became known that the Russian Orthodox Church want to join the vast majority of the clergy of the Archdiocese of the Western European parishes of the Russian tradition, which earlier were in jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

— Striped day — Project “Amur tiger” gave new life to the Udege villages. Now there is a post office, hospital, bakery, home life, the next step — the kindergarten — Sunday in the far East in the 20 th time to celebrate tiger Day.

Sponsor gonna be? The investigative Committee is dealing with financiers of terrorism Employees of SK across Moscow has initiated and investigates a criminal case of criminal group which was engaged in financing of terrorism.

— With love to Moscow Alexander Kuzmin: in the darkest days of the Muscovites lost city — Buildings can become monuments 40 years after their construction

— What can you tell online-guide — next year in Moscow, plan to launch a city app for independent tourism As stated by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, it is an online platform that will help you plan your trip, saving on travel agencies and tour guides.


— A quorum of the Valdai Club prepares recommendations for the leadership of the country — “dawn of the East and the global political system” will be the key themes of the annual, 16-th meeting of the Valdai club, which will be held in Sochi from 30 September to 3 October.

— Happy place — Yerevan gathers leaders of the EEU and the friends of the Union — Yerevan, October 1, opened the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council, the Eurasian economic Union.

— What will Aceesi — Russia is counting on cooperation with the Council of Europe — Moscow hopes for constructive dialogue with the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and intends “to work in the interests of a common European space from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” With that mindset, the autumn session of PACE go Russian parliamentarians.

— “The arrival of Duterte to Russia and my release not connected” — Justified in the Philippines Yuri Kirjushkin — three years in prison, drug traffickers and assistance to prisoners from Russia — a Russian citizen Yuri Kirjushkin, justified in the Philippines on charges of transportation of large quantities of cocaine, was released from prison.

Cards, money and mobile — Banks are testing a new method of payment — Soon to taxi drivers, couriers, cafe waiters and restaurants need POS terminals — they will be able to accept payments from customers on smartphones or tablets.

— Krynochka the cost of Milk could rise by 10% in November — in November, prices for dairy products could rise by 10%.

— Would know the mercy of the Central Bank plans to give its version of SWIFT to outsourcing — the Bank of Russia plans to switch to more convenient but more risky scheme customer service a Russian analogue of SWIFT System for transmitting financial messages (SPFS).

— “The essence of historical development — that we become closer” — the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian economic Commission Tigran Sargsyan on large digital projects, the EEU and the inevitability of further integration — a meeting of the Supreme Council of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), Yerevan will be a jubilee — integration of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan celebrates this year the fifth anniversary.

— “By the CERN sanctions against Russia” — the head of the European organization for nuclear research Fabiola Gianotti, on cooperation with Russia and major contracts — Sanctions do not affect the participation of Russian physicists in the new projects of the European organization for nuclear research, said in an interview “news” the General Director of CERN Fabiola Gianotti.

— Become stronger — Scientists have created an electric “Almaz” for the First time in the world of Russian scientists managed to develop a technology for creating a qualitatively new superhard materials. Before

RBC daily

— The protest with a musical twist — a Rally in support of the defendants in the “Moscow business” has collected tens of thousands of people In Moscow was a concerted campaign in support of defendants in the “Moscow business”. It was attended by about 20 thousand people.

— Sergey Levchenko allowed in rotation with the Governor of the Irkutsk region may fall to resign — the resignation of Sergey Levchenko, the ratings of which were affected with flooding, may occur in the autumn during the next rotation of heads of regions.

— “Argo” as the answer Dragon — the Private Russian company will build a reusable space vehicle Company reusable in partnership with “Rosatom” will develop a reusable spacecraft that technical characteristics will be close to the Dragon, Elon musk.

— Subjective poverty ahead of a living wage — the Levada center explored ideas of Russians on a normal life — In the perception of Russians, the family is living in poverty if the median income of one member does not exceed 12.5 thousand rubles, showed the study by the Levada center. 40% of respondents reported that their income is below this subjective boundaries.

— The capital Themis was the shadow of a lawyer — the head of the Moscow UFSB reported the possible interaction of the raiders and the judiciary — Chief UFSB across Moscow and Moscow region, Colonel-General Alexei Dorofeev sent to the Prosecutor of the Moscow region Sergey Zabaturin letter about the presence of FSB of information about the possible promotion of Moscow judges and “certain leaders” of the Moscow city court the raids, in which the suspect was arrested on charges of attempted fraud lawyer Kantemira Karamzin.

— Numbers came into conflict with maps on Andrei Belousov instructed to finalize the funding mechanism of the Federal project “Digital technology” — the assistant to the President Andrei Belousov instructed the Ministry of communications to further justify how the money will be spent on the development of technology in the framework of the “Digital economy”.

— Communal plus to the alert — Sberbank launches a service of payment of utility services and communication services stores — Sberbank plans to begin in the fall to take rent, payments for communication and utility services at the cash desks of shops.

— PSB has promoted international collector — Special defence Bank will be the agent for execution by other countries obligations to Russia — Promsvyazbank (PSB) has already been appointed special defence Bank, will receive a new role — he will become an agent of the government for the performance of other countries obligations to Russia, follows from the draft budget for the years 2020-2022, which was developed by the Ministry of Finance.

— “Resorts of Crimea” has passed in the closed unit mode — the Former commander in chief of missile troops came out of the sanctioned asset — “Krastelecom” and a network of sanatoria in the Crimea, formerly owned by the ex-commander-in-chief of Missile troops Vladimir Zaritska, now owns not revealing the founders of the mutual Fund. Because of these assets Zaritsky came under sanctions.

— Schools prepare children for work that is not Development of technology creates new social problems, but does not solve the old — On how to use the progress in the interests of the people, not just corporations, said the famous European technofutures Rudy De vail.

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