The second half of 2018 in the business environment was marked by digital transformation: in may, a decision was made on transformation of the Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Ministry of digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation approved the action plan, and then in various sectors of the economy launched a program to improve work processes by implementing information technology. Throughout its existence, the exhibition-forum CSTB. Telecom&Media showed only the main trends of the industry and remained a platform where you can get answers to the most pressing issues of the industry. So the topic of digital transformation, not bypassed by the party Telekom and TV will be through for many projects the business program of the CSTB.Telecom&Media’2019.

This time the 21-th international exhibition-forum will be very different from the one that took place last year. The specified path of renewal and restructuring will allow to predict the future of the industry and to help members of multi-service operators, manufacturers and developers of equipment and software; Russian and foreign TV channels to navigate in the current environment for business. The first day of the forum will open the round table “Digital transformation Telecom and media industry”. Original ideas, brand new items of discussion, the main trends will be the basis of the event, support for which is provided by the Ministry digital development, communications and mass communications of the ANO “Digital economy”.

The round table will be divided into several thematic blocks. The first of these will discuss the prospects of the Russian market of Telecom and media communication in the framework of the digital economy. Here will talk about what trends in the business model can be traced most clearly in what happens with the formats of media consumption and what services will be in demand in the realities of the global digital transformation of society. The shift of the industry towards digital technology and the growth of content consumption in the digital environment will consider as success factors to improve the effectiveness of the media in a separate block, where speakers will present papers on online TV, new Windows of distribution and piracy.

Continuing the theme of the program implementation of the digital economy, the speakers will discuss those innovative, breakthrough technologies that will contribute to the optimization of business processes in the telecommunications and television industry. Among the topics of this unit the greatest attention is paid to sustainable performance and development of 5G networks, BIG DATA and predicative Analytics as a method of predicting end-user queries and issues of import substitution in the field of various developments.

Will conclude with a round table discussion about one of the most important transformations in the field of TV — the migration from analogue to digital broadcasting which is carried out in accordance with the Federal target program “Development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2018 years”. There will be preliminary results by the beginning of 2019, the basic problems in the shutdown of analog TV, how to resolve them, as well as the reaction of the Russian broadcasting market innovations. The moderators of the round table — Yana Churikova and Yuriy Pripachkin. This year, the expert composition of the business program of CSTB.Telecom&Media’ will be truly stellar. So, the round table will be attended by the leading telecommunication and broadcasting companies. Among them are representatives of ANO “Digital economy”, “Rostelecom”, “Gazprom-Media holding”, “national Media Group”, VGTRK, “First channel. World network”, “Tricolor”, “Signal Media”, “VimpelCom”, “Yandex”, “MTS”, “GS Group”, HUAWEI, GK ORION, Eutelsat, as well as representatives of the Ministry of digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the organizers prepared a surprise for visitors of the event. For the first time in the history of the exhibition foreign guests will be participants not only exposition, but also business. International experts will meet with their Russian counterparts to exchange experience, knowledge and skills through special forums and individual presentations.

On the first day of the exhibition, at the end of the round table “Digital transformation Telecom and media industry”, before the audience will perform Marcus East digital Director of Marks & Spencer, Executive Director of worldwide business activities through the Internet (2011-2016), expert digital technology, co-founder CyberKudos. His insight speech will be dedicated to long-term customer relationships in the era of digital technology. Marcus East will talk about the impact of digital transformation on the relationship between consumers and brands, will address the characteristic signs by which companies can achieve success today. Then it will jump to topics of the basic technological trends of the future, such as the Internet of things and artificial intelligence.

On 30 January, the second day of the exhibition, two of the top international experts will present her research on the TV market. “Review and analysis of the world pay TV market, modern technologies and services” is the title of the presentation the CEO of Decipher, conducting consultations for most European media companies and broadcasters on development and implementation of new technologies and services, pay TV, Nigel Wally. For forum Content Summit Russia it will provide an overview leading players and services, pay TV, will tell you how to look the channel of the future and how to improve the interaction of the channel with its audience now. The situation in the Eastern European market outline Department Director, TV&Entertainment Hungarian Telekom Anna Maria Raika. In the framework of the same Content Summit Russia she will make a report “a Balanced approach to the procurement of content.

Registration of participants of the business program of CSTB. TELECOM & MEDIA’2019 under which you will be attending a round table on “Digital transformation Telecom and media industry and speeches of foreign speakers, is available on the website:

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