Modern management environment in greater need of creative people like the creators of the breakthrough of computer technology, than in traditional “chiefs”, — said the newspaper VIEW Pavel Lungin, a well-known Director, member of the Supervisory Board of the contest “Leaders of Russia”. On Tuesday in Moscow, opened the second semi-final of this competition managers for the Central Federal district.

“Leaders have very much. The command system has always been a strong point of Russian and Soviet bureaucracy. And the vineyards were cut down, and rivers have reversed, etc.,” said Director, people’s artist of Russia Pavel Lungin.

Earlier, speaking at the opening of the second semi-final of the contest “Leaders of Russia” Lungin said that from his point of view, successful leaders are divided into two types — the “leaders” are leaders who can organize and manage in a normal situation, and “shamans” — crisis managers who can think outside the box, and on this basis, quickly find answers to changing challenges.

Earlier, addressing the participants of the semifinals, the mayor and mentor of the competition “Leaders of Russia” Sergey Sobyanin, also called potential managers are not afraid to take risks and to seize opportunities. “I saw a huge number of people who have had the opportunity, but they chose to stay in that place, which they seemed reliable, warm, — said Sobyanin. They didn’t want to risk because you run the risk of their own destiny, not someone else’s, and theirs.”

“I think — said the famous Director, we lack what told Sergei Sobyanin: not enough forward-thinking people who see the world a little differently than others, not ashamed and do not hide it”.

Directors, creative people with such an unconventional view — now usually, part and producers, that is, managers in fact have noticed Lungin. “On the other hand, for example, bill gates, from my point of view is also a kind of producer and Director, as well as the creators of the Apple”. We can say that the creators of breakthrough technologies to build their own world, and decide their world and solve its specific tasks, the source said.

In the leadership environment “needs to be added creative, informal, non-standard talent”, said Lungin.

“I would add only that the modern leader cannot be a leader alone,” he said, answering the question of the newspaper OPINION about the qualities needed by the Manager, the Manager of the competition “Leaders of Russia” Alexey Komissarov, the General Director of ANO “Russia — country of opportunities”.

“Teamwork is very important, very important is the ability to listen to others, ability to convey information and to pick the right team, — said Commissioners. — Competition, including those aimed to select people who not just know how to be bright, but also show excellent team work.”

We will remind that in January and February of 2019 regional semifinals were held in all Federal districts of Russia. In CFD due to the large number of applications, there are two semi-finals. The first opened last Saturday, the second on Tuesday.

In addition to successfully overcome head to the semifinals to reach the final parties are required to implement a social project in the framework of the task “Heart leader.” The finals will take place from 13 to 17 March in Sochi.

As reported, first Deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergey Kiriyenko, at the opening of the first semi-final for the participants of the Central Federal district, most of the tasks of the semi-finals and all tasks of the final competition of managers “Leaders of Russia” this year based on real situations.

Platform “Russia — country of opportunities” was launched at the world festival of youth and students in Sochi in October 2017 at the initiative of the President of Russia. It brings together various educational, personnel and social projects that contribute to the self-realization of citizens and promotion of public initiatives. ANO “Russia — country of opportunities” was established in may of 2018 for the development of the platform.

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