Tonight took place the 92nd awards ceremony of the award “Oscar” for his merits in the field of cinema. One of the winners was the Director of Waititi Taika (Taika Waititi). He received the award for best adapted screenplay. In an interview with Waititi raised an unusual question – the Director criticized the MacBook keyboard.

According to Waititi, Apple urgent need to do something with the MacBook keyboards, because they are impossible to enter large amounts of text. Moreover, the Director noted that the keypad is uncomfortable and makes him think about returning to the PC. He is confident that Apple’s competitors equip their computers are much more comfortable keyboards that respond better to depression.

Waititi also called on the writers Guild of the USA to influence Apple to make the keyboard in their laptops more convenient. Within the interview he returned several times to this issue.

Apparently, Waititi not yet tried the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which Apple abandoned the “butterfly”. Updated the “Proshka” kupertinovtsy back to the scissor mechanism of the keys, which is not only safer but also provides more comfort when typing.


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