A couple of weeks ago, the company Global HMD has released a new smartphone Nokia 9 PureView, the main feature of which was the main camera with five modules. Thanks to Youtube channel Pwrdbykyank in the network appeared the video showing the gradual dismantling of the news.

In order to remove the rear glass panel will have some work to do. Due to the large amount of glue, the cover first to warm up the Hairdryer and then pry with a plastic tool. In addition to the adhesive, the rear panel is attached to the body of thirteen screws Philips. After removing the rear cover that holds the wireless charging coil, a NFC antenna, the ToF sensor and led indicators, you can see the internal components, which are similar to any other smartphone Nokia premium.

To get to the cooling system 9 Nokia PureView, presented non-removable vaporization chamber, it is necessary to detach the tight-fitting the most hot components of the motherboard, including the Snapdragon processor 845.

To disconnect the module, speaker and charging port special efforts will be required. And to remove a screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner, you will also need the “processing” of a Hairdryer, because the display is firmly glued to the body.

The results of the dismantling showed that, in General, Nokia 9 PureView can be easily repaired, but it will take some time and patience.

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