Subscribers should not worry.

At the end of August a number of Russian media said that mobile operator MTS will soon cease to work in Russia. Truly mass messages to information resources has led to the fact that many MTS really started to worry about the future of the operator. Fortunately, all such statements are false. MTS has no plans to leave the Russian market.

Yellow media paid attention to the fact that MTS have fallen in price over the last six months. In this regard, the incompetent, the reporters came to the absurd conclusion that in the near future the company will fail, why it will stop working in Russia.

In fact, none of this will happen. First, in the past few months, shares of many large Russian companies are lower in price. This is mainly due to the depreciation of the ruble and the impact of US sanctions.

And secondly, the official representatives of MTS themselves have stated that distributed the “yellow” media is a lie. The operator does not intend to stop working in Russia and MTS’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Note that some MTS believe “stuffing” the Russian media and even began to ask in social networks about which provider is best to go.


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