Not everyone wants to pay as much.

Apple is preparing to introduce its own – branded streaming TV service for watching movies, TV series and TV shows. “Netflix Apple” must be announced at the presentation on March 25 and is running until the end of the year more than 100 countries. Today analysts at Jefferies has revealed how much will be the subscription fee for new TV service from Apple.

According to experts at Jefferies, Apple will ask for full access to its new TV service $15 per month. At the current exchange rate of the subscription price in Russia will amount to about 1000. For comparison, the optimal subscription to Netflix-level standard is estimated at € 9.99 (749 rubles), and the most advanced 11.99 euros (899 rubles).

It is important to note that in Russia branded TV service the Apple needs to be much more affordable by analogy with other streaming Apple Music service. The basic monthly subscription to Apple Music in Russia is 169 rubles, whereas in most other countries of $9.99 (662 rubles).

Apple is expected to establish similar reduced the price of TV service for the Russian market. In addition, according to the previous leaks from insiders, some of the content in the new TV service will be free for Apple users of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Source: BI.


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