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In Russia far not the most expensive cellular. European or perhaps American prices, as we found out recently, is just amazing. However, Russians are not averse to reducing the cost of mobile communications and spend the money saved on something more useful. As it turned out, this method really is, and any operator.

Recently we published an article about how anonymous member of MTS revealed the way a significant reduction of the connection fee. Using this method, many users were able to save up to 75% off regular payment. Figure is phenomenal!

The essence of the method was extremely simple. To MTS drew attention to the caller and offered him a discount, you must submit an application for transfer of numbers to another operator. MTS responds quickly to such requests, personally calling subscribers and offers better conditions. And, as we are told in detail in a previous article, most conditions are improved seriously.

The article gathered a considerable number of comments in our group in “Vkontakte” and on the channel in “Yandex.Zen” (be sure to subscribe — there’s more useful content). Most users are surprised at the discovery of this method, there were those who already knew about it.

The discussion was attended by employees of other Telecom operators. Employees of “Beeline”, “MegaFon” and even the Internet-provider NetByNet reported that a similar scheme works, and they have. To receive the discount rate in each case is required to submit a request for transfer of numbers to another operator. It is important that during conversation with an employee of the operator not to insist (and certainly not threatening) at a discount, but only to hint at it. Rude attitude to the employee will not lead to anything good.

The reason why operators give such great discounts, it is understandable. Now the competition between the major operators has increased significantly. Each operator tries to keep their customers and less reluctant to switch to competitors.

So, if you want to save on mobile communication, opened by employees of mobile operators method now is the most effective.

Earlier we told you how to switch from one operator to another so that you are not the collectors came.


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