According to Apple, its new flagship smartphone, launched earlier this month — iPhone 11 Pro Max has five hours more battery life than last year’s flagship iPhone XS Max. As discovered by the editor of The Verge, who tested the new iPhone, the camera worked for one charge 12-14 hours, while the XS Max aged eight to 10 hours. Perhaps the increase in runtime is due to the new chipset — A13 Bionic, but as shown by a new video on the YouTube channel DChannel, new features and a more capacious battery.

Experts dismantled iPhone XS Max and showed him the internal parts, particularly the battery. Battery of the apparatus, designed in L-shape, has a capacity of 15.04 watt-hours, which is about 25 percent larger than the iPhone XS, Max (with battery capacity 12,06 watt-hours).

Apple introduced its new smartphones — iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max — September 10. In sale the novelty will arrive on September 20.

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