Insiders revealed the prices of the new iPhone in China market. About it writes the edition Wccf Tech.

It is expected that Apple in the fall of 2019 will release three new iPhone and rumor has it they will have the names of the XIs, XIs and XIr Max. So, the cheapest model — iPhone XIr — will cost 6,800 yuan (about 990 dollars), while the iPhone Xr at the moment in China is 6200 yuan (about $ 900).

iPhone XIs and XIs Max will cost 8900 yuan (1294 USD) and 9,800 yuan (1,425 U.S. dollars), respectively. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max in China starts from 8200 yuan (1193 USD) and 9100 yuan (1324 dollars).

The presentation of the next-generation iPhone will take place in fall 2019. According to sources, the new Xs and Xs is Max going to get the triple main camera with a wide angle module. IPhone-Xr will also be a secondary camera with double zoom. All new smartphones will receive the return wireless charging, which can charge the new AirPods and other devices that support the standard Qi.

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