The expert said NSN why Apple decided to reduce the price of their smartphones.

Apple will reduce prices on the iPhone in some countries due to weak national currencies. Change may come in China and Turkey, as well as in Russia, Brazil and India, said the head of the Corporation Tim cook. “We decided to come back for more comparable prices in the local markets that we had a year ago, in the hope that this might help sales in those countries,” he said. If the company implements its plans, it will be the second reduction in the price of the iPhone for the entire 12-year history of the smartphone.

The head of information-analytical Agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov explained NSN why American Corporation can make such a decision.

Analyst: Smartphones will be more expensive due to the new law on anti-virus software

“80 — 100 thousand rubles in the upper price segment, it is quite expensive. In Russia to spend this amount on a smartphone can only wealthy people. At the moment the company controls 16% of smartphone sales in Russia. She is actively involved in this segment of the market, but her desire to take a more serious position quite clear. However the iPhone at the moment — is a kind of ideology. Apple has an army of fans, which no other brand. I think that lower prices will actually happen in the near future, the discount will be about 10%”, — suggested the expert.

In September 2018, it was reported, in Moscow took place “great standing” for new models of smartphones Apple. The line began to gather at the flagship store on Tverskaya on Sunday, September 23, 5 days before the official start of sales, although many of those standing were not going to buy the gadget. Most of them wanted to resell your place in the queue of wealthy buyers, but this was not all.

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