According to Daniel Ives, an analyst consulting firm Wedbush Securities, Apple has been able to stabilize the situation and to spur the interest of users to their mobile devices. In fact, the expert has commended the initiative of the Apple company, in which the cupertinos have reduced prices on their recent smartphones in some regions.

However, analysts believe that to talk about full exit from the crisis yet. The lower cost iPhone for the 2018 model year do little to spur demand. However, companies need to continue to decline, as the available discounts is not enough.

According to Ives, the cupertinos have to continue to cut prices on entire line of iPhone. However, stronger than the others is to promote iPhone Xr. The analyst believes that the price of this machine you need to throw at least 20%. Otherwise, Apple may lose one of the major markets. Analysts believe that if the cupertinos will continue to reduce the cost of their phones, then they risk losing their positions in China.

Recall that in the past many analysts have reported that the decline in prices for the latest iPhone Apple is not much help. If in the beginning there is a surge of user interest, sales are down again.


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