The vulnerability, named SimJacker identified in the software Browser SIMalliance Toolbox ([email protected] Browser) that is used in SIM card and eSIM as part of the SIM Tool Kit (STK). Hackers SimJacker known for a long time and they’re using it for the past years, reports The Hacker News.

With the help of messages sent to the device, you can activate a series of commands [email protected] Browser that enables to know the IMEI of the gadget, its location, language, device, battery level, send messages and make calls, to download malware through the visiting of pages in the browser, and much more.

Problem in detecting SimJacker is that it does not see anti — virus software- this is due to the fact that the vulnerability uses a subset of the commands that are necessary for the functioning of SIM cards and therefore are unrecognizable to anti-virus software as malicious actions. Experts have recorded the hacking so Apple’s gadgets, Google, Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, ZTE and others.

Experts revealed SimJacker reported his findings to the GSM Association and promised to reveal all information about SimJacker in October 2019. But now responsible for cybersecurity experts urged to upgrade SIM cards that have not changed their specification since 2009.

We will remind that earlier in Google have discovered a vulnerability that threatened the owners of smartphones iPhone.

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