Discovered new Bluetooth vulnerability
A group of researchers reported a critical vulnerability Bluetooth, dubbed KNOB (Key Negotiation of Bluetooth). According to researchers, KNOB vulnerable in front of more than a billion Bluetooth-enabled devices.

KNOB allows hackers to reduce the length of the encryption key used during pairing. In the end, the attacker can use the vulnerability for monitoring and manipulating traffic.

The fact that the attackers can exploit the vulnerability even for devices that were previously paired with, further exacerbating the situation. According to the researchers the article, the vulnerability affects devices using the Bluetooth BR / EDR (Classic Bluetooth).

The official website of the KNOB reads: “the Attack KNOB possible due to shortcomings in the Bluetooth specifications. Thus, it can be expected that any compliant Bluetooth device will be vulnerable. We spent a KNOB-attacks more than 17 unique Bluetooth chips. At the time of this writing, we have been able to test chips from manufacturers: Broadcom, Qualcomm, Apple, Intel and Chicony. All tested devices were vulnerable to attack KNOB”.

Since the disclosure of the problem was agreed, most large companies have already taken steps to address this vulnerability in their devices.

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