Despite the problems with colour reproduction of some copies of the iPhone XS and XS Max, which could be caused by activated by default, add-ins, and color filters iOS 12, 6.5-inch display of the flagship phablet from Apple was the best thing that ever came out on the market. This conclusion was made by laboratory experts DisplayMate, tested the new and celebrated its superiority even over the Galaxy Note 9, whose display was formerly considered as the reference.

The iPhone’s display is superior to iPhone XS Max X in many respects, says Raymond Sonir, President of DisplayMate Technologies. Apple has done a great job in his calibration, improved color reproduction and increasing a peak brightness of up to 660 nits vs 634 from last year’s “ten”. Thanks to the iPhone XS Max I can with more comfort to interact with the smartphone display, even outdoors under direct sunlight.

Display modes iPhone XS Max

The experts also noted the perfect contrast of the display iPhone XS Max, support modes, HDR True Tone and have a positive impact on the quality of the picture depending on ambient lighting conditions, the maximum viewing angles and work functions Night Shift. It increases the colour temperature of your display to higher rates, minimizing eye strain of the user when interoperating with a smartphone in the dark.

Uragement display iPhone XS Max

In addition, Apple has managed to significantly lower the reflectivity of the screen of the iPhone XS Max to 4.7%, approaching the record level that was achieved on smartphones. This in turn should have a positive impact on the effectiveness of a picture, allowing you to use the display at a lower brightness than would be required to avoid glare.


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