In many reviews of the iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max reporters noted that Apple has equipped their new smartphone with very bright screens. However, experts DisplayMate found Apple’s display of new products significantly more differences. They also recognized the screens in iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max some of the best on the market.

According to experts DisplayMate, the display of the new Apple smartphones consume 15% less energy than the screens that were installed in the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. The screen of iPhone 11 Pro different impressive color accuracy (0,9 JNCD) have a record brightness among all the OLED screens in smartphones (1290 bat or 902 Nita on the home screen) and low reflectance of the screen (or 4.5%).

After a series of various tests experts DisplayMate put the iPhone displays 11 Pro and iPhone Pro 11 Max the highest score is A+. At the Apple new products the same mark have only received Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

It is noteworthy that the reduction of power consumption of the display has allowed Apple to noticeably extend the battery life of its new smartphones. Also this option had a positive impact and increased battery life, and the use of more energy efficient processor.


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