Constant monitoring of innovations in the industry is a mandatory element of the marketer’s work. To help those who work in e-Commerce research company MarksWebb released “Map the best practices”. It analysts systematically described the way a customer (customer journey) and collected by the method of desk research of various methods, techniques and life hacks used online stores all over the world, in order to make the buying process simpler and easier.

Transfer solutions from one sector to another is quite possible, believe in MarksWebb. Moreover, the ability to quickly adapt the solution from the adjacent and sometimes distant sectors, is the key to success in modern business. Even where a business, it would seem, is subject to different rules, are the companies who are changing the stereotypes. For example, decisions such as an organization directory with filters, feedback or delivery, successfully used in buying clothes, and ordering a car or buying an apartment. Similar, often unexpected, solutions and are of particular interest.

Here are just a few examples. The successful sale of a car online American Carvana gives you a trial period before purchasing. Options for try&buy, the buyer is given 7 days to travel by car and to test their relation to the chosen make and model. If the machine is not liked, the company will take it no further fees or penalties.

Increasingly, online retailers use augmented reality technology (AR) for remote fitting of the goods. This allows to reduce the cycle of selection and to reduce the share of unredeemed goods compared to the usual brick and mortar fitting. Moreover, today this technology is used not only in clothing but also, for example, furniture or cosmetics.

So, buying a lipstick shopper wants to know if she will go with this color. In the Sephora app you can hover the camera of your smartphone and compare your face with lipstick or without it.

Omnichannel, a seamless transition from one reality to another ceases to be an insurmountable problem. Not always, of course, but the examples already there. One of the solutions, an Advisory service, when you hover the smartphone’s camera at a particular object, its owner shows analogs or complementary products. Approximately so do the sellers brick and mortar store, offering a buyer of shoes to buy for her cleaner, or shoelaces. This can now be done remotely.

Moreover, the remote selection is often even more convenient. Many, if not all Internet stores are trying to help their customers by posting on the site “helpful tips” in the form of short notes or full reviews. This kind of content allows you to structure your buying process, dividing it into stages, and simultaneously offering those “in context”.

MarksWebb research has shown that when you pay a large comprehensive online shopping almost always loses offline. While none of the largest e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Russian Ozon, you can not pay for the purchase of multiple cards.

However, the solution is already there. It is implemented online aggregator of tickets Alternative Airlines: the amount for a big purchase can be divided into parts and pay with multiple cards.

Hardly anyone today will deny the importance of lending to large purchases. Until relatively recently, this possibility only existed in brick and mortar stores. But technology gradually mastered this space. An interesting example of —online-installment ASUS and Sberbank. When buying goods from an online shop Asus buyer can choose the option “Issued in installments”, which is available only to customers of Sberbank. The client is authenticated in the Internet Bank, choose the leasing period and can see the schedule of payments. Since the Bank already knows all the details of the client, filling documents is not necessary. The signing of the contract takes place online, and the product can only be shipped to the buyer immediately thereafter.

On the purchase interaction of the seller and buyer does not end, because a new car needs to be serviced, pay for utilities in a new apartment, and new shoes, over time to fix. It’s easier for buyers when these payments can be done in the format of “one window”, i.e. in the same store where you purchased the product. For the seller it is a good opportunity to increase the benefits from the sale of goods and the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Such a model has already been implemented. For example, Apple in the US offers at any time to surrender the old device trade-in… and not just buy a new one. The company issues a gift card in the amount of product and then the client decides what to do with it: buy the same (or other) product later or give this card. Assessment of the status of the device is an online survey. Take the same technique at any Apple Store.

Some companies go further and offer a customer service where he’s comfortable. They tend to come to the buyer or provide services remotely and do not insist on the appearance of the buyer in their office or trading floor. So there is a trade-in, delivery or repair of vehicle delivery, communication with the doctor via video link or live chat. And there is no doubt that technology development will give rise to the emergence of new business models.

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