Do not dream about the Apple Watch. Take this fitness bracelet with screen for 1870 RUB the Usual fitness wristbands like the Mi Band 2 to be fed. Tupyaschemu monochrome display, half of the menu with the characters and uninformative screen — yesterday.

Even Xiaomi has understood this and released the Mi Band 3. Device quite crude, localized firmware no, the case is very easily soiled and fragile.

We found an excellent alternative to Mi Band 3
Let the name Vwar Smart Band E18 does not deter you from buying, first look at the list of advantages of the device:

1. The display is confined in a sturdy steel frame. It will be scratched by active service, but the metal can always be polished.

2. Bright color LCD display can be read under direct sunlight.

3. No problems with notifications and contacts in Russian language.

4. Smart alarm clock tracking phases of sleep, Hello Xiaomi.

5. Pulse meter, blood pressure and oxygen levels in the blood.

6. To a week of battery life, taking into account color display and precise pulse meter is quite normal.

7. Protection from moisture and dust according to IP67 standard, it is possible to swim and dive, but not too deep.

What are the eyecatcher

Of course, you can receive notifications, messages and display of incoming calls, synchronize with a smartphone and change the straps.

The appearance is very original, and the Mi Band and its clones already rather tired.

Such is the middle ground between fitness bracelet and smart hours. For those who want more Xiaomi, but not willing to pay 20 thousand for the Apple Watch and charge them every day.

Buy on AliExpress: 1 872 RUB.

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