Apple continues to boast about its business model, not missing the occasion to make fun of other companies who have chosen a different path of development. Recently “Apple” brand invaded the territory of “smart” district, which designs sister company Google, and set up a Billboard mocking the problems with the privacy of user data of “Corporation of good”.

IT companies vying with each other for a place under the sun, never miss an opportunity to make fun of each other. One of these brands is Apple, which uses every chance to humiliate a rival.

The other day in Toronto in the vicinity of the office Sidewalk Labs, sister company Google belonging to the Alphabet holding company, appeared a Billboard from Apple.

Sidewalk Labs is committed to improving the city infrastructure by using new technologies. One of her projects is the creation of “smart” neighborhood in Toronto. Considering not the best reputation Google to protect the privacy of the users, the project was welcomed by the local population with skepticism, reports Business Insider.

“Our job is not to meddle in your Affairs”, — reads the inscription on a Billboard advertising Apple, which benefited from the mistrust of users to the practice of Google to hook a “Corporation of good”.

Sidewalk Labs is planning to install special sensors in the district along the waterfront called the Quayside. These sensors will record and analyze the movement and habits of people who live and use the infrastructure of the area. Earlier sister company called Google tech company to refuse to transfer the collected information to third parties. Sidewalk Labs she also promised to observe this rule.

However, some Toronto residents are not convinced.

“Sidewalk Labs offering the laws governing its practice, is like the Fox, the proposed project henhouse,” said Melissa Goldstein, living in Toronto.

Interestingly, Apple has used billboards to trolling Google. Thus, during the CES conference, which was held in January in Las Vegas, kupertinovtsy established a Billboard next to the monorail, on which was inflicted the slogan “Hey Google”.

“What happens to your iPhone stays in your iPhone,” reads Apple Billboard, beating the famous phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and the company’s attitude to privacy gadgets.

However, Google also tries to keep up and expresses his contempt for the business model of Apple. Thus, the General Director of “Corporation of good” Sundar Pichai devoted a whole column in the New York Times.

According to Pichai, companies whose income depends on advertising are more affordable, and the transformation of privacy in the luxury goods available only to people who can afford products and services premium, is completely unacceptable.

Despite the fact that the head of Google did not name the company, which he criticizes, it is easy to guess that we are talking about Apple, which sells some of the most expensive smartphones in the world.

Apple never shows up at CES, so I can’t say I saw this coming.— Chris Velazco (@chrisvelazco) January 4, 2019.

The criticism by the resident of Silicon valley said the senior Vice President of software Apple’s Craig Federighi. Similarly, without naming names and companies, it is advised to deal with the privacy of its users, instead of writing articles in the newspaper. Additionally, Federighi noted that Apple wants to sell its products “to anyone who turns”, and the gadgets of the company is “unequivocally not just a luxury.”

In such skirmishes sometimes comes, and the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung, one of Apple’s main rivals. On account of Samsung there are already several commercials, which ridiculed the apparent shortcomings of the iPhones, for example, the lack of a standard headphone Jack and a long queue on the day of the start of sales of the new generation gadgets. In the framework of the plot like clips iPhone users tired of numerous problems associated with “Apple” and move on to the South Korean gadgets.

One of those who took advantage of this confrontation, suddenly became Microsoft. In 2013, brand appeared in advertising, the characters of which are gathered for the wedding. The groom uses iPhones, and the bride’s side — gadgets Samsung.

Happens when a large-scale fight, and Microsoft is offering users not to argue over Apple and Samsung, and to switch to something new, such as smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system. By the way, in January 2019 it became known that Microsoft is leaving the market of mobile devices, leaving Android and iOS to deal with each other independently.

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